Cub Scout Adventures Volume 1 | Page 11

Shooting Sports Camp: “Long range hole-punching” is always a Cub Scout Camp favorite! In the idyllic setting of the traditional woodland summer camp, the boys will focus very, very heavily on Shooting Sports! Earn the new Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award at Lone Tree this summer. Earn all three discipline pins for your Shooting Sports patch! Try your trigger finger at the BB and archery ranges. Webelos can shoot the pellet guns, too. Launch water balloons with a three man slingshot. Fire a catapult. Throw tomahawks. Let nuggets fly from wrist rockets. Paint a new camp sign from 20 feet away with paint ball guns. Glow in the dark fun awaits the overnight campers! Family Camp Weekends: The Family Camp Weekend is the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy Cub Scout camping! It is a 24-hour introduction to all that Lone Tree has to offer. Arrive Saturday morning and settle in at your campsite before having a picnic lunch with your family. Spend the afternoon exploring the property and participating in the activities that interest your family. Program areas will be open and staffed for your enjoyment. Enjoy a delicious dinner provided by the camp chef, followed by the traditional entertaining Scout Camp campfire. Sunday morning, join us for breakfast before heading home. Our Staff is a family… Join the family at the table.