Cub Scout Adventures Volume 1 | Page 10

TAKE YOURSELF TO ADVENTURE Lone Tree Scout Reservation Summer Camp is the camp that comes complete with fresh air, trees, a lake, campfires, and friends… friends that become family. The campsites, the wilderness, and the wooded program areas and waterfront create an all-natural time warp to a time and place where life was simpler, values were clearer, and childhood was fun. Local Heros Camps: This is the postcard image of Cub Scout camping… Friendly counselors, talented instructors, and a neat and tidy woodland camp is exactly what we offer your son. Lone Tree is the Spirit of Adventure Council’s only Cub Scout resident camp and is the capstone experience to your Cub Scout or Webelos’ scouting year. We have a Cub Scout waterfront that permits fishing, swimming, and boating on site, as well as purpose built shooting sports ranges, a challenge course, and Nature and Handi-craft lodges. And our western fort is the perfect place to learn Scoutcraft skills and the ballfield and court are perfect for athletic contests. Join us in welcoming hometown heroes to our camp. S.T.E.M. Camps: Scouting and Science are both fun! Tackle the Science in Scouting and Camping. Ask “Why?” Learn “How.” This is all the excitement of scientific adventure along in a classic summer camp. Come to Lone Tree and “Do Science.” Hike the Kingston woods and wade into Country Pond. Study the rocky sea shore. Launch rockets. Get up close and personal with reptiles, birds, mammals, and fish. Break stuff in the name of science. Meet and interview working scientists and learn how science, technology and engineering impact their work. Overnight campers will get to view the stars and explore the dark woods.