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• 2017 – New Germany
• 2018 – Waconia
• 2019 – Carver

2017 ‘ Hot Stove ’ edition CrowRiverReview

Volume 17 , Number 1

CRVL to go back to two leagues

KIP KOVAR Herald Journal Sports Editor
After one year of playing with three divisions , the Crow River Valley League decided to return to their original two leagues for the 2017 season during their October meeting . In 2016 , the Norwood Indians were unable to field a full team , and the CRVL decided to go to a three-division format .
At the October meeting , it was determined that it was highly unlikely that Norwood would be able to field a team for 2017 . With Norwood out once again for 2017 , the CRVL decided to return to the 2015 format , minus Norwood .
The CRVL will be split into two different leagues in 2017 , the North League and the South League . The North League of the CRLV will include Waconia , Winsted , Glencoe , Watertown , Mayer , New Germany , and St . Boni . The South League of the CRVL will include Brownton , Young America , Plato , Hamburg , Carver , Green Isle , and Cologne .
The CRVL season is scheduled to kick off Sunday , May 7 when the first league games will take place .
Name Tyler Steen Kyle Knott Mike Jerseritz Alex Lothammer Beau Hanowski Joey Hanowski Tyler Jendro Tony Kley
Team Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Sobieski Sobieski Sobieski Winsted
Name Joe Kley Chad Weiss Brad Meyer Jeremy Schmidt Chad Raiche Chris Odegaard Jake Wendland
Team Winsted Lastrup Lastrup Maple Lake Maple Lake Plato Hutchinson


• 2017 – New Germany
• 2018 – Waconia
• 2019 – Carver
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The New Germany Dutchmen will be the Region 7C hosts in 2017 . The Dutchmen are adding a new press box this year to the field in order to be ready for the tournament this summer .

Changes coming to local ballparks in CRVL

KIP KOVAR Herald Journal Sports Editor
Local ballparks are always a special place in a community . It ’ s a special place to call their own , and they sure do take care of it . When the state tournament ends in the beginning of September , that doesn ’ t mean the ballparks are done .
Teams all across the state take advantage of the weather to make improvements on their fields , their bleachers , and their grandstands as much as possible in order to be ready for the next season .
With bids for hosting state tournaments and region tournaments available , many teams in the Crow River Valley League are making improvements on their fields .
The New Germany Dutchmen , the hosts of the Region 7C tournament in 2017 , have been busy this offseason , already making improvements to the field . The Dutchmen are adding a new press box to accommodate media for the Region 7C tournament .
As warmer temperatures approach , the Dutchmen hope to finish the new press box . According to Steve Mielke , the project should be completed in time for the regular season .
The Dutchmen aren ’ t the only team in the CRVL that is making changes to their home field . The Green Isle Irish have been busy since the season ended , working on improving the already beautiful ball park .
Ever since the season ended , the Irish have been working any chance they could get to have the field ready before winter , as well as getting some new projects going . The Irish will be one of three hosts in 2017 for the Class C State tournament , along with fellow CRVL teams Hamburg and Norwood .
In September , the Irish worked on laying down new sod for the outfield at The Yard . The Irish already have one of the best fields in the league to play on , and with the improvements being made during the offseason , it should look even better come state tournament time .
The Irish didn ’ t stop there with their improvements . They also took their old bleachers out and brought some new ones in . Along with new bleachers , the Irish have already realigned the bullpens , as well as made sure the infield is in good shape .
In November , the Irish also broke ground on a new project near the grandstand that will be completed before the season begins .
The Waconia Lakers have also been busy on a big project . The Lakers broke ground for their new grandstand shortly after the seasons ended , and a lot of progress has