Cricket Club Issue 41 - Page 15

ST. HELIER BEVERAGE COMPANY (SHBC) JERSEY Pure Jersey Captured in a Can Elegant and unspoiled, Jersey leaves a lasting impression. Now, the unique Channel Island has inspired a new beverage: St Helier Sparkling Lemon and Sparkling Orange. Pure refreshment with 12% lemon or orange juice in ultra pure sparkling water. All natural, containing no artificial flavours or colours and no added sugar, St Helier sparkling drinks combine the tang of citrus with the thirst quenching properties of pure, sparkling water. If you are going to a match, take the cool chic taste of Jersey with you. It says something about your good taste wherever you drink it and is refreshing for spectators and players alike. The distinctive, slim, 330ml cans are good to look at and easy to carry and hold. A removable foil cap makes St Helier Sparkling Beverages a reassuringly hygienic choice for those who want to drink from the can. St Helier is proud to be a Lashings All-Stars Global Partner. You will be able to buy our new drink at Lashings, Maidstone, Kent, as well as at many of the cricket venues where Lashings’ games will be played this year. Find out more on