CR3 News Magazine 2017 VOL 1: January National Radon Action Month | Page 13

October 16-22-Radon Action Week

October 29-Nov. 2-American Public Health Association Conference, Denver, CO, booth

December 2–National Radon Action Plan Committee meeting–DC

December 11-13–AARST advocacy training–participant–Baltimore


January–Radon Action Month

January 22-25- ASHI Conference, Las Vegas NV-booth

March 8-9-American Nurses Association Conference, Tampa, FL-booth

March 19-22 National Home Performance Conference and Trade Show, Nashville, TN-booth

TBA March, ALA Allegheny County PA Radon Stakeholders Workshop, Pittsburgh PA


Past Present Future, Lane Price MD -- AARST Conference 2016 -- San Diego 2016

Dr. Lane Mathis Price, Director and Radiation Oncologist at Decatur General Oncology Center, is one of the few oncologists who insist on patients having their home tested for radon. "People come into my office and say Doc Price I just don't understand it. How can this happen to me? I don't smoke. Nobody ever smokes around me. How can I have lung cancer?

The U.S. EPA ranks radon as the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. According to Dr. Price, if a lung cancer patient with no history of smoking determines she has been exposed to elevated radon concentrations in her home for a number of years, it is reasonable to conclude that radon was the likely cause.

Dr. Price readily acknowledges that many oncologists are so focused on lung cancer treatment they give little thought to a cause other than smoking. For most non-smoking victims, the

likely explanation remains a mystery.

Dr. Lane Price, Radiation Oncologist