COVER LETTER May 2013 - Page 3

C ustomers get frustrated. It is a fact in any service job . It becomes the reaction time and how you deal with a situation that makes you stand apart. I like to listen to the words as well as the emotion a client expresses to better assist in finding the root of any situation which lends a helping hand in how to resolve. I tend to think of the client / service relationship as 1 cohesive team instead of 2 opposing teams. In the end we are in this together for a win of satisfaction. Sometimes, though, this can take a little creativity. Thinking out of the box has been a part of everyday life over the last 8 years of my career. Whether I am turning guestrooms into meeting rooms, creating custom menus or making sure Miss California doesn’t miss the line up, I always enjoy the challenge of thinking up an inventive outcome. I am a passionate person. I take the ball and run with it. I am not afraid of asking questions or making decisions on my own. I am hilarious. I am an ethical person and play well with others. I love the outdoors and animals and people. And I ask that you consider me for the open position in customer service. 3