Consumer Guide 2 - Page 17

Our Holistic Fitting Method First Evaluation We will demonstrate real hearing aids and you If you’ve been trialling open fit hearing aids, we’ll see you about a week later. We can discuss how you have done and carry out fine-tuning changes to further improve your hearing in background noise. will be given a chart showing your hearing level. Assuming a hearing loss is detected and is not caused by excessive earwax etc, we explain the process of hearing rehabilitation and check that Custom made hearing aids (such as the invisible types) will be specifically made to fit your ears and later programmed and fitted. You will then begin your free trial. this matches your expectations. You’ll be fitted straight away with open fit hearing aids from our extensive stock of all brands available (if you choose) and allowed the opportunity to walk away wearing them for a week or so with no payment, commitment or signature. Or in the case of invisible We will give you some guidance on cleaning the instruments and changing the wax filters. We shall attempt to keep your expectation level in line with what is realistic. hearing aids, we’ll take impressions of your ears and you’ll be fitted about 8 days from then (these will be custom made for you with no commitment at all). Ongoing Care After only another week or so, we’ll invite you again for fine tuning. Hopefully, we’ll be getting close to perfection by now. This condensed series of appointments makes sure everything is fresh in our minds and tends to help guarantee successful outcomes. Third Evaluation We’ll call you 2 weeks later to offer you an opportunity to review the fine-tuning again. We’ll call you every 4 months to check on your continued progress and satisfaction, and encourage you to see us at least once a year thereafter, if not more. 17