Consumer Guide 2 - Page 13

Add-ons to consider: Telecoil / Bluetooth / FM & Many hearing aid users have hearing losses that are just too challenging. Additional strategies need to be considered to deal with this failure to discriminate speech in noise. There are 3 direct ways of dealing with this issue. 1. The Telecoil (or Loop system) 2. Some hearing aids are equipped 3. Some users will benefit from is a basic but widely used and effective technique to enable clearer hearing in background noise, whereby the user selects the T-Coil setting on their hearing aid. Available in most modern public buildings, such as theatres, cinemas, post offices, banks and meeting rooms. with Bluetooth. This will involve using a small booster device (streamer) around the neck or using a smart phone application. A popular short-range connection method offering a superior quality of sound, typically used for listening to mobiles, iPods, iPads, MP4 and other audio devices like TV and sound systems. FM add-ons. A connection type utilising an additional separate microphone device, useful for those frequently in large meetings and lectures etc. A very direct and effective way of reducing the problem of discrimination in background noise and / or over distances. Some examples of add-ons: The DECT land-line telephone* The Bluetooth Streamer and Remote with T-Coil function* A superb streamer and remote that is capable of allowing compatible CICs This device automatically detects the wireless to become T-coil hearing aids. Together with the clever app, hearing aid and transmits the call into both it transforms your Android Smartphone into a convenient, ears with no extra streaming device required. discreet remote controller. So you can use your Smartphone The clarity of the call is greatly enhanced and to control your hearing instruments via the Streamer, meaning external background noise is less apparent. it’s extremely discreet: What looks like texting is actually a program adjustment. The ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid app* The Digital Radio Pen* This app actually turns your Apple device into a speaker’s lectern or in the top pocket of a colleague’s a remote controller and your hearing aids into jacket. A cutting-edge technology wireless microphone high spec. wireless stereo headphones! Use it that enables people with hearing loss to hear and to fine-tune the treble or bass of a concert or a understand more speech in loud noise and over dinner conversation and store each location. You can also distance. It can work at the same time as another geo-tag your locations so your hearing aid switches into the pen or a clip-on lapel mic. It features Bluetooth for preferred program for work, the gym, or your favourite café - mobile phone calling, and can also be used to listen automatically! to TV and multimedia too. This clever device could be placed on a meeting table, on ALL these devices are available ON FREE TRIAL - just call 0800 612 7 812 13 *These devices only work with specific new hearing aids.