Consumer Guide 2 | Page 22

The risks of buying... There needn’t be any risk at all so long as you follow the consumer’s golden rules: Shop around and make sure you avoid over-paying by getting 2 or more like-for-like quotes. Always consult fully with your close family and friends. Don’t buy on emotional reactions. Be logical and assess the real improvements you will get from any new aids with a free trial. Get a guaranteed return clause (for at least 60 days) Why are there so many products out there? Hearing aid manufacturers need to offer a vast range of products to remain competitive. The aim of this booklet is to help advise on the right product for you, and with our FREE TRIAL you can begin improving your hearing with the help of your trusted hearing healthcare professional. Why do MOST hearing aid companies NOT show a FULL PRICE LIST online? Most likely because their prices are too high to be competitive. Why do some companies not even have a customer price list? Again, it would cause them commercial harm to have their higher prices placed under any comparison. Why are some companies hiding the exact make and model numbers of hearing aids? To prevent you from comparing like-for-like. To potentially confuse the consumer. Are hearing aid sales genuine? OUR prices are permanently LOW and TRANSPARENT all year round. Is your free trial really free? Yes, you can try a fully fitted custom prescription solution for a week and send them back to us with no commitment or cost to you at all. Call us on: 0800 612 7 812 Please e-mail us any comments or feedback we can use to improve the accuracy of this guide: [email protected] We hope this helps. Call us on: 0800 612 7 812 22