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AMI project hits milestone in 2018 Arlington Water Utilities’ 10-year plan for installing automated metering infrastructure, or (AMI), throughout the city hits the halfway mark in spring 2018. As of March 30, 2018, 54,202 AMI units were being used in homes, schools, and businesses throughout the city. AMI technology helps customers keep better tabs on their day-to-day water usage and make adjustments when necessary. It also improves the accuracy of water billing. Below are answers to some questions that residents have when an AMI is installed in their homes. What is an AMI meter? AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI uses communication technology to allow meters to be read remotely. The AMI system transmits these readings over a private, secure and licensed radio network. Only the meter reading and the unique meter identifier are transmitted. No customer information is transmitted with the reading. Why are the traditional meters being replaced? AMI meters represent a significant improvement over previous metering technology. AMI brings savings in employee and vehicle costs, improves accuracy, and eliminates a need for in-person first time and final meter readings. By producing daily and hourly information, AMI allows our staff to help customers troubleshoot billing concerns and improve conservation efforts by providing information about consumption patterns. Will a meter reader still need to visit to read the meter? Arlington Water Utilities staff will not be on site to read meters monthly. Is my AMI meter accurate? By ordinance, all meters must meet the accuracy test guidelines of the American Water Works Association when installed and are guaranteed by the manufacturers. Please note that new meters typically measure usage more accurately and this may result in a higher billed consumption. Installation of an advanced metering infrastructure, or AMI, unit takes about 30 minutes. Customers are notified by mail and with a door hanger. Arlington Water and UT Arlington deliver large diameter main assessments A unique collaboration between Arlington Water Utilities and The University of Texas at Arlington is already saving residents millions in avoided costs associated with wastewater services. Replacing sanitary sewer mains that need it before they fail prevents emergencies that can have environmental health consequences and cost 10 times as much as preventative measures. The Large Diameter Sanitary Sewer Assessment Project started in 2016 with a goal of examining about 48 miles of large diameter sanitary sewer main with a multi- sensor robot that uses sonar, lasers and images. The team of engineers, field crews, GIS technicians, students and professors finished their assessments in early 2018. The data they have collected will help them make smart, cost-effective replacement decisions and keep Arlington’s infrastructure strong. 5