Connect Magazine Culture Issue | Page 6

When tasked to build the same Lego figure, two-person teams took 36 minutes while four-person teams took 52 minutes to finish—over 44% longer. Yet the larger teams were almost twice as overoptimistic about how long they’d take.* ÎÎ Have the team leads set ongoing checkpoints for evaluating progress and re-evaluating structure. ÎÎ Ensure that the overarching goals of the project are interwoven into your tactical process’s tracking mechanisms so that no one loses sight of them. ÎÎ Keep all project management software updated in real time and accessible to a range of stakeholders. ÎÎ Hold scheduled review sessions or The Secret to Your Success? According to fast-growth companies, team size directly influences productivity rates and engagement levels. Yet, it’s how those teams are developed and managed that determines their success