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Recommended modes

Rubber-Tired Shuttle
Rubber-Tired Shuttles offer the flexibility to travel at-grade or on an elevated guideway . Due to their small size , it may be possible to design , simple , lower-cost elevated paths that reduce the overall cost of the system . Autonomous technology is in its infancy , but future versions of such vehicles are expected to carry passengers and / or freight quickly , safely and cost effectively .
EasyMile , a leader in low-speed , rubber-tired autonomous shuttle technology , currently operates in Arlington ’ s Entertainment District .
Navya is another low-speed , autonomous shuttle provider .
Personal Rapid Transit
Personal Rapid Transit features fully-automated vehicles operating as part of a system on an elevated guideway system . The systems are typically higher-speed and vehicles carry one to six passengers . Simple guideways may reduce costs and visual impact on the built environment . Stations are located on sidings , allowing for non-stop , point to point travel that bypasses intermediate stations .
Rendering of SkyTran , an example of a PRT System that uses magnetic levitation instead of wheels .
Ultra Pod PRT is a battery-powered system that operates at London Heathrow Airport .
Rendering of a proposed PRT system for Austin , Texas .