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BAT_MAP: REAL STARTING LINE default settings to achieve optimal results in business and life. Two experts in this field, neuroscientist Dan Radecki, PhD, and brain-based leadership expert Christopher Ancona, teach the course. They make the information accessible to business leaders so they can understand why their brains are not set for optimal results and what they can do about it. The course centers around four concepts: 1. The Brain Has Not Kept Pace With Social Evolution. We have the same brain software as the savanna-dwelling man of 10,000+ years ago. Our brains were behind before the online evolution that occurred in the last ten years, and the widening gap is causing more problems for individuals and society. 2. Our Brain Is Wired To Constantly Look For Threats, Seek Safety And Avoid Pain. Open your email or read the news and your brain has trouble distinguishing between a threat from a predator on the savanna and threatening news about your company’s competitor. It triggers the fight- or-flight area of the brain, and in modern days, it is triggered all the time. How we CATEGORY INVESTMENT Time 32–48 hours Cost $2,695 (early registration) / $2,995 Brain Strain Moderate handle our need for safety is nuanced, and leaders are more effective when they understand their own tendencies as well as that of their teams. 3. The Brain Processes 99 Percent Of The Information It Receives Nonconsciously Since It Is More Energy Efficient Than The Slower Conscious Processing. The nonconscious brain processes information quickly using biases; it tends to dismiss information that does not agree with its view of the world. For example, it’s a lot easier for the brain to dismiss or blame results on something outside of its control than to slow down and use more energy to figure out the root cause of poor results. 4. We Are Wired To Be Social Creatures. We have a desire to be accepted in a group to increase our chances of survival. This was easier when our only concerns were finding food and avoiding predators. Today, our brain defines safety differently as well as what is a real or perceived threat, which leads to conflict within modern teams. The course also covers the relationship between our “executive brain” (prefrontal cortex) and the amygdala (the part that triggers the fight-or-flight reactions when the brain perceives danger). It is the executive brain’s job to put the brakes on the amygdala to prevent emotional responses; however, when under constant stress, the amygdala tends to strengthen, and the executive brain is less able to put the brakes on career-limiting behaviors. How can you digest and apply this information? The course utilizes teaching techniques neuroscientists have discovered that make the learning stick. Each week during the 16-week course, the participants watch a 20- to 50-minute video and read about 20–40 minutes of articles related to the topics. At the end of the week, participants call into one of two 30-minute discussion sessions with the instructor. Participants then submit a 300-word (nongraded) reflection on the topic (this helps the brain’s learning process). There are also four 1,000-word essays required throughout the course which help the participants to personally apply the material and cement long-term learning memories. Confident ROi Asssement RETURN INSIGHT Infinity Save you countless hours of frustration. You use your brain every day. You will understand how your brain is prewired for problems as a 21st- century leader and how you can optimize its settings. (∞) ∞ Depending on the leader, their time is worth on average $500 an hour. This course will save leaders an infinite number of hours by recognizing their biases before making costly bias driven mistakes. ∞ The material is accessible. The video lectures are easy to digest and apply. The moderate brain strain comes from thinking and writing about how to apply the material. Alex Vorobieff Alex Vorobieff is the founder and CEO of The Vorobieff Company, a premier business-consulting organization. A highly sought-after speaker and business alignment coach, Alex Vorobieff has helped scores of companies eliminate the real source of their frustration using business alignment tools after helping them find their unique starting line. For more information on the Brain-Based Leader Certificate course, please visit 7