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31 Case Study

The 3D virtual platform was a hit
involved the utilisation of branded visual devices to be used across the speaker and panel sessions broadcasts , including virtual animated backgrounds , providing an immersive level of consistency across the event in the Festival of Marketing ‘ look and feel ’ and brand voice . One brief deliverable was a requirement for the use of a 3D virtual studio for filming so that speakers could be interjected into a virtual backdrop to make their presentations feel more immersive .
However , due to sensitivities about travelling to a studio during the Covid-19 pandemic and to maximise use of the project budget , Identity ‘ flipped ’ the solution , taking speakers from their native environment and immersing them into a dynamic , virtual 3D environment . The creative brand assets were also echoed within the
Tobacco Dock productions . The design and build of the FOM event kit , which included animated introductions , was easily adapted and became an integral support within the Tobacco Dock staging and presentation , building on the continuity to the overall look and feel .
The results
Backups to all live feeds were implemented as a protective measure in the event of one internet line dropping out which enabled seamless switching between feeds in the platform backend well before the audience would be aware of any issues .
Working collaboratively with both the client and all stakeholders , this included managing deadlines and timelines to accommodate needs , being supportive of speakers who had to reschedule pre-booked slots and providing connectivity assistance on the day , working closely with suppliers to optimise outcomes and over-delivering on the volume of content production against agreed deliverables .
The 2020 Festival of Marketing was truly an event like no other , with the Identity team supporting the delivery of a world-class virtual and human experience that was as seamless as the in-person events . With amazing headliners and five days of dedicated content , attendees came away brimming with ideas and takeaways , with unmatched insights , inspiration and learnings . CN
l This article originally appeared in Issue One of The Brief , a Conference News and Identity supplement . www . conference-news . co . uk