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Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024


MMA Policy Committees regularly review issues and developments impacting Michigan ’ s manufacturing sector .
Through conversations with agency leaders , elected officials and each other , committee members help develop the policy direction of MMA and , both directly and indirectly , influence Michigan ’ s continued role as a global hub for manufacturing .
MMA members may serve on as many Policy Committees as needed to ensure their voice is heard at the Capitol .
Learn more at mimfg . org or contact MMA ’ s Eleanor Surtman at surtman @ mimfg . org or 517-487-8552 .
MMA Policy Committees cover these policy areas :
• Air
• Employment & Workforce
• Energy
• Environmental
• Food & Beverage
• Health Care
• Mining & Natural Resource Industries
• Tax
The MMA Government Affairs Committee and Lawyers Committee round out MMA ’ s policy and advocacy efforts .
For almost three decades , MMA has been involved in protecting manufacturers ’ interests in all three branches of state government . Our gains are often earned in our work with the Michigan Legislature and with executive agencies . However , there are times where those gains are at risk when Michigan ’ s or the federal courts become involved with an issue . Realizing this , the MMA Board of Directors organized the MMA Lawyers Committee ( MMALC ) to assure a proactive process to advocate for the interests of manufacturers before the Court .
Today , we continue to be the voice of manufacturing in any case that would set a precedent that may have far-reaching effects well beyond the limits of the specific case decision . The cases considered for an amicus curiae brief may not always be manufacturing cases , but they are cases that may have a significant impact on our industry . For example , in Corrado v . Shelby Nursing Center , the MMALC made a winning argument before the Court regarding a court rule on the admissibility of internal company policies . Our work made sure these proprietary documents are protected . Additionally , the MMALC is active with the Mothering Justice v . State of Michigan case which could impact the way manufacturers provide paid sick leave for our employees .
This commitment to legal excellence continues today . The MMALC is made up of the in-house counsel of MMA member companies and other MMA members who are interested in the Courts . Thanks to their work , MMA is making your voice heard in all branches of government .
To learn more , contact MMA ’ s Dave Worthams at worthams @ mimfg . org or 517-487-8511 .
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