Compete to Succeed Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024 | Page 21

Compete to Succeed 21
Policy principles to support a competitive manufacturing sector . Michigan must :
■ Ensure Michigan food manufacturers operate in a competitive food tax climate .
■ Ensure that food manufacturers as essential workers are high on the list for availability of the COVID-19 vaccine while being careful not to mandate it .
■ Maintain and protect a local preemption on food taxes .
■ Prevent state-specific labeling requirements for Michigan food manufacturers that create a patchwork of state requirements .
■ Support clear and consistent food traceability requirements .
Specific Actions for Leaders :
■ Oppose any effort to increase food taxes .
■ Prioritize food manufacturers ’ access to the COVID-19 vaccine while being careful not to mandate it .
■ Oppose any group that tries to repeal a food tax local preemption .
■ Oppose local government attempts to ban , restrict or tax certain foods thereby reducing the states competitiveness for Michigan-based food manufacturers .
■ Eliminate barriers to common state labeling requirements for food manufacturers that could cause labeling confusion , barriers to compliance and implement unnecessary ingredient warnings .
■ Oppose efforts to impose fees on food packaging .
■ Ensure appropriate resources and technical support are available for manufacturers of all sizes to implement food traceability requirements .
■ Oppose the imposition of royalties on water withdrawals . mimfg . org