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Manufacturing Vision for Michigan 2023-2024

Air & Environmental Policy

Protect human health while maintaining a competitive regulatory system
A healthy regulatory environment is essential for a competitive Michigan . As the largest sector of the economy , manufacturers find themselves challenged to comply with the heaviest regulatory burden of any sector . The costs of compliance and the fees associated with permits , audits and inspections add to these regulatory burdens . Manufacturers are some of the largest payers of regulatory fees in Michigan and increased costs mean a less competitive business climate .
Over the past decade , state government has eliminated more than 3,000 outdated rules across all state agencies thanks to conversations with MMA and other stakeholders . Through this effort , Michigan regulations are more closely aligned with existing federal standards and those of other states .
However , as we deal with emerging chemicals such as PFAS , lead and other challenges , MMA is actively engaging with legislators and state regulators to ensure that any new rules or legislation focus on clarity , consistency , and certainty in compliance standards to assure the most efficient use of environmental protection dollars while also protecting Michigan ’ s economic competitiveness achieved over the past 10 years .
MMA Actions on Ozone Nonattainment
MMA partnered with the Department of Environment , Great Lakes , and Energy ( EGLE ) to create reasonable ozone reduction regulations including NOx and VOC rules . We have continuously advocated for considerate implementation requirements and timelines for companies to have the ability to appropriately plan , budget , and install federally required emissions control equipment . In doing so , we have achieved the following :
• Advocated for EGLE to submit a Wildfire Exceptional Event Demonstration to request relief on ozone NAAQS requirements
• Kept new regulations limited to ozone nonattainment areas
• Limited applicability of new rules to only those specifically required by the U . S . Environmental Protection Agency
• Established realistic emission thresholds for new requirements
• Worked with EGLE to simplify recordkeeping requirements , especially for small manufacturers
Michigan Manufacturers Say
Michigan ’ s legislators

“ and MMA are critical partners in reaching our goals , and the priorities outlined by MMA provide a great framework for doing so . Hemlock Semiconductor is serious about being good stewards of the environment through innovation and sustainability while being economically competitive on a global scale . It is imperative that new rules and regulations balance these goals as they are not mutually exclusive . Our hyper-pure polysilicon supports sustainable solutions to the world ’ s energy and technological demands , and we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations .

— Steven Holty , Sustainability Leader , Hemlock Semiconductor Waste Management , Hemlock
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