Colorado Reader Oct. 2019: Cooperatives

olorado Reader Cooperatives: The Business of Working Together Cooperation is as simple as working together. Cooperation is important in being part of a family, running a school, playing on a sports team, creating music or a video, and even running a business. Cooperation means working with other people to accomplish something we are not able to do on our own. Cooperation works because everyone shares the same goal and each person brings what they do best to the effort. Many businesses are cooperatives. REI is a cooperative that sells outdoor items. Tillamook is a cooperative that sells cheese and other dairy products. ACE Hardware is a cooperative that sells tools and home repair supplies. COOPERATIVE Many businesses are set up as cooperatives, meaning the customers own and operate the company. Cooperative businesses may be small with just a few members. These co-ops (short for cooperative and pronounced kō,äp) may serve a single neighborhood. Other co-ops may offer services to hundreds of members across an entire state. Yet other co- ops may be made of up of thousands of members across the nation. These businesses do everything from providing electricity and loans to turning oranges into orange juice. Many cooperatives operate in rural areas and they have been around for a long time. Rural areas depend on co-ops to make sure important services are available at affordable costs. Connecting Colorado educators and students to their food, fiber, fuel, and natural resources.