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This Plate , That Plate - MYPLATE !

Have you heard of MyPlate before ? Maybe you ’ ve seen a poster about it in your school cafeteria . Have you ever thought to yourself , “ What is MyPlate ?”
What is MyPlate ?
MyPlate is like a special guide that shows us how to eat a balanced diet . It looks like a plate divided into different sections , each with a different color . These sections represent the five important food groups that we need to eat every day to stay healthy .
What Do the Colors Mean ?
Each color on MyPlate stands for a different food category . Let ’ s take a look : Red : Fruits Green : Vegetables Orange : Grains Purple : Protein Blue : Dairy
Each day you should eat 1 1 / 2 cups of fruits , 1 1 / 2 cups of vegetables , 5 ounces of grains , 4 ounces of protein , and 3 cups of dairy . You also need a little fat too . You can easily get your 5 teaspoons of oil a day from eating fish , nuts , and foods cooked with oils .
How Does MyPlate Help Us ?
MyPlate helps us remember how much of each food group we should eat . It reminds us to fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables , which are super important for keeping us healthy and strong .
Why Is MyPlate Important ?
Eating from all the food groups gives our bodies the energy and nutrients they need to grow , play , and learn . It helps us stay strong , feel good , and have lots of energy to do all the things we love ! Remember to eat from all the food groups and fill your plate with lots of colorful fruits and veggies . Your body will thank you for it !

How does your favorite meal plate up ?

Using the items from your favorite meal on the previous page , count up how many food items belong to each MyPlate category and write the numbers below . Then answer the questions .
How many fruits ?
How many vegetables ?
How many proteins ?
How many grains ?
How much dairy ?
How many items from your favorite meal do not have a place on MyPlate ?
1 . Which MyPlate category has the most items ? ___________________________________________________
2 . Does your favorite meal have a food item in each MyPlate category ?
3 . Do you need to add anything to your favorite meal so that it is balanced ? If so , what could you add ?
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