Colorado Reader: FOOD Fuels an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE! 2023-2024: Issue 1




Have you ever wondered how to eat healthy and keep your body strong and happy ? Why is knowing about physical and personal well-being important for you ? Let ’ s learn why .
1 . Setting Goals for Better Nutrition : When you set goals , it ’ s like making a plan to eat healthier foods . Just like how you plan for school projects or games , setting goals for eating better helps you make good choices about what you eat .
What is your favorite meal ?
Think about your favorite meal ( breakfast , lunch , or dinner ). Write each food item of that meal on the plate below .
2 . Understanding the Connection Between Food and Health : Food is fuel for our bodies . When we eat healthy foods like fruits , vegetables , whole grains , lean meat , and dairy our bodies get the right stuff they need to grow strong and keep us feeling good . Learning about this connection helps us understand why it ’ s important to eat healthy .
3 . Making Smart Choices About Eating : Knowing what ’ s good for us and what ’ s not so good helps us make smart decisions about what we eat . For example , choosing a piece of fruit instead of candy for a snack gives us energy without lots of added sugar . Learning about healthy eating behaviors helps us make these kinds of good decisions every day .
By learning about these things , you can grow up to be super healthy and strong ! Plus when we eat well , we have more energy to play , learn , and have fun !
Connecting Colorado educators and students to their food , fiber , fuel , and natural resources .