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Agricultural Business

If you enjoy working with computers and hightech tools , talking to people , doing math , or writing , then agricultural business may be for you . While many people who work in agriculture are outside growing crops and raising animals , there are even more working in offices across the country ( and around the world ) helping farms and ranches run more efficiently and successfully . There are thousands of companies that are tied to agriculture , and every one of them has their own work force .

Career Spotlight - Information Technology ( IT ) App Developer

Believe it or not , there are many smart phone and tablet apps designed for farmers and ranchers ! From tracking the weather to controlling sprinklers , identifying weeds , and even telling a tractor where to drive using GPS , agriculturalists have really embraced the idea of using phones for more than just making phone calls . All of those apps are designed by people called app developers . App developers design and create apps to help make people more efficient in their day-to-day lives . Someone with this job would work closely with a team of people in their office , plus farmers and ranchers who can advise on exactly what they want out of an app . Because technology is getting more advanced , working in IT is a great career choice ! Better yet , Colorado is ranked as one of the top states in the country for working in technology . App developers typically have to earn a bachelor ’ s degree in computer science or a similar major .

What kinds of apps do you think you could help develop for farmers ?

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2 - Colorado Agriculture in the Classroom

Other careers to research : accountant , agriculture communications specialist , county extension agent , grain buyer , social media strategist , auditor , commodity procurement / merchandiser