Cold Link Africa July/August 2019 - Page 43

PRODUCTS INCORPORATING COLD CHAIN Multiple ways to condense Emerson offers the ZX platform refrigeration condensing units specifically designed for medium temperature (ZX-MT), low temperature (ZXL-LT), digital modulated variable capacity medium temperature and low temperature (ZXD-MT and ZXLD-LT) refrigeration, with capacities ranging from 2HP to 16HP. Reliability: Integrated electronics provide protection against over- current, overheating, incorrect phase rotation, compressor cycling, high pressure resets and low-pressure cut- outs, and send warning messages to the operator in case of a liquid flood back, preventing critical damage to the unit. The condensing units feature: Energy Efficiency: Thanks to Copeland Scroll compressor technology, variable speed fan motor, large capacity condenser coil and advanced control algorithms, end users can save more than 20% on annual energy costs compared to using hermetic reciprocating units. Intelligent store solutions: The ideal approach to enterprise facility management, Emerson’s Intelligent Store architecture integrates hardware and services to provide retailers a single view into their entire network of facilities: what facilities actually cost to operate and maintain. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 974 3336. Extend the shelf life BEfresh is a range of products providing solutions for extending the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants. Locally available from Precool Manufaturing, BEfresh eliminates ethylene, slowing down the ripening process of perishable products, neutralising the volatile organic compounds responsible for unpleasant smells and reducing the proliferation of fungal spores. The BEfresh system can be used throughout the distribution chain by growers, exporters, logistics operators, wholesalers and retailers. The BEfresh system is non-invasive and does not interfere with the natural cycle of the products. BEfresh is compatible with organic farming standards too. BEfresh granules consist of an absorbent extracted from natural porous clays and potassium permanganate. The action mechanism of BEfresh is based on a two-stage process: physical absorption and chemical absorption. For more information, contact +27 (0) 12 327 1291. DO YOU HAVE AN INNOVATIVE AND RELEVANT PRODUCT YOU WOULD LIKE FEATURED? LET US KNOW...IT'S FREE EMAIL: [email protected] CALL: +27 (0) 11 579 4940 COLD LINK AFRICA • July/August 2019 43