Cold Link Africa July/August 2019 | Page 44

PRODUCTS INCORPORATING COLD CHAIN Adiabatic humidifier Carel’s humiFog direct is an adiabatic humidifier for direct in-room applications, featuring easy installation, low energy consumption and a simple and intuitive user interface thanks to the latest- generation touch display. Ideal for industrial processes involving hygroscopic materials, humiFog direct guarantees the right level of relative humidity, preserves product quality, helps reduce waste and improves business continuity. Atomising pure water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously in the air ensures the right level of relative humidity with low energy consumption. 44 Adiabatic humidification is the ideal solution, as it has the dual advantage of controlling air humidity and countering the thermal load generated by machinery. One application example is the printing and paper industry: properly managing relative humidity in printing processes avoids the build-up of electrostatic discharges and misalignments due to variations in dimensions, and optimises ink absorption. In winter, as the heat generated by the manufacturing processes and heating systems dries the air, the moisture content in the paper falls dramatically, consequently affecting its properties. Correct relative humidity control increases productivity and efficiency, minimising costs due to downtime and wasted material. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 805 1558. Efficient and robust GEA presents the HG66e, a new semi-hermetic compressor. The HG66e is a completely new six-cylinder series for large capacities with high efficiency in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration. With the HG66e series, four sizes cover the range from 116.5 to 180.0m 3 /h displacement (at 50Hz). The new HG66e series combines state-of-the-art technology with GEA’s design standards. The new compressors are equipped with the in- house and further developed mexxFlow 2.0 valve plate system. All compressors use the proven, direction-independent oil pump lubrication system, which enables a wide speed control range in operation with frequency converters. The reliable and safe oil supply is guaranteed by the single-circuit lubrication system. The resulting low oil throw increases the efficiency of the entire refrigeration system. The easily removable oil strainer facilitates maintenance. In addition to efficiency and robustness, one of the focal points in the development of the new HG66e compressors is ease of servicing. Thanks to the sliding seat, the stators can still be changed on site without special tools. For more information, contact +27 (0) 11 392 7114. COLD LINK AFRICA • July/August 2019