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Oja ! Farms , located in Middleburg , Mpumalanga is the winner of Staycold International ’ s # itcouldbeyours underbar competition .

Oja ! Farms wins an underbar for their establishment

Oja ! Farms , located in Middleburg , Mpumalanga is the winner of Staycold International ’ s # itcouldbeyours underbar competition .

They have won a new Staycold Glass Door Underbar with Pizza Top for their soya plant establishment . The panel from Staycold , a South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial fridges and freezers , deemed them the most deserving winner out of the 54 entries received from chefs , restaurants , and other establishments located in the Southern African Customs Union ( SACU ).

With the current economic environment in South Africa , Oja ! Farms opted to set up a soya plant on their farm which proved to be very successful . Rich in vitamins and minerals , soya is an excellent food supplement and the highest and most economical protein available globally . This plant has also created jobs and offers a range of well-priced soya products direct to the end consumer .
The competition was launched in June 2022 following chef Bertus Basson ’ s In Die Sop programme , where he also gifted a Staycold Underbar to a deserving restaurant , Café Zest , located in Gordon ’ s
Bay . Staycold then followed suit , to encourage restaurants to draw on chef Bertus ’ s wisdom , that buying proper equipment actually saves them money in the long run .
Riette Strydom , Food Developer of Oja ! Farms was excited and thankful to win this competition and commented : “ The Staycold Underbar will help us when cooking food for demonstration purposes that we do to break the negative connotation to soya , to keep the food fresher for longer ! We will also be able to now cook a little extra every time in order to give more to the old age homes that we support . Thank you Staycold .”
Staycold ’ s Underbar was taken to market in 2020 , and is produced in two different variations , a flat top and a pizza top , with solid door or glass door models . The Underbar is used primarily in a kitchen ’ s prep area or a front-of-thehouse bar area . It ’ s a prep station used by chefs or a work top refrigerator . It serves the role of a combination refrigerator ,
Riette Strydom , Food Developer of Oja ! Farms with Owner Jannie Cloete at NAMPO demonstration .
equipment stand and preparation area . They are best for use as a work space or for holding countertop equipment .
What sets Staycold ’ s Underbar apart , is that it ’ s built with Staycold ’ s pioneering principles of quality , efficiency , performance , reliability , and durability ; uses natural refrigerant gas so is better for the planet ; has a 304 stainless steel top making it more durable ; has LED internal lighting ; has good temperate regulation inside the unit with its Digital Thermostat , uses less electricity and it comes in under the market related price . CLA

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