Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 26

Fun Snack Ideas & Recipes Vampire cookies- easy to make and super fun! What you'll need: Chocolate chip cookies (2 for each cookie), small marshmallows (two large bags), nuts for fangs, red decorating icing, white decorating icing. Directions: 1. Take one cookie and spread white icing on the top, attach marshmallows. 2. Put more white icing on top and then place second cookie. 3. Go around the top and bottom of the marshmallows with red icing to create a gum look. 4. Attach nuts with white icing with about two marshmallows between each. 5. Enjoy! Alien Snacks- fun to make and even better to enjoy! What you'll need: Chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, green gummies, green straws, large marshmallows, green sprinkles, and white icing. Directions: 1. Alternate layering chocolate and vanilla pudding as evenly as possible. 2. Top the pudding with the green gummies on top. 3. Appy white icing in a circle to the large marsh mallows, then put the green sprinkles on top, making sure they've stuck. 4. Stick top of straw into back of marshmallows. 5. Stick straws into pudding to look like eyes.