Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 23

Hayes3 not birds, I can't identify it." The news station then hired multiple avian experts to come in and attempt to identify the object, but none succeeded in doing so. Many people believe the illusory image to be an insect simply flying close to the lens, while others even believe the object to be a military drone! Regardless of one's opinion, I believe that it's appropriate to label the object as a U.F.O. My second source of evidence involves a revolutionary sighting in the holy lands of Jerusalem. In February, 2011, multiple YouTube accounts posted videos of a peculiar event taking place on the skyline. The videos began with a luminescent sphere descending from the heavens and approaching the roof of a skyscraper. After remaining idle for a few seconds, the sphere launched back into the sky at ala