Cognito Incognitus Paranormal Magazine Volume 1, Issue 2 - Page 16

Satan, but also shows that hate crimes due to it's probably just something personal or religion clearly wouldn't make sense. uninteresting. Masons secrecy is essentially My grandpa always likes to remind me what makes them so important and mysterious of the saying “we fear what we don't know”, to outsiders; if they didn't keep everything and this applies to the Freemason's conspiracy under such protection from exploitation, the assumptions as well. Freemason's have always tradition and demand would fade away and it'd kept their rituals extremely secret, which lose its value. Things always seem much more creates a little bit of curiosity to the rest of the interesting when you don't know everything world. It's like when your friend tells somebodyyou want to, or only know parts. It creates an a secret but won’t tell you, you automatically open door for our minds to assume the worst. assume it's something horrible, when in reality Did you know?!?  George Washington, Paul Revere, Ben Franklin, and Henry Ford were all Freemason's!  The Freemason's symbol is on our dollar bill!