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Photos : Above-Left : The community garden available for rent at the Ericksen Center . Above-Right : The Fitness Center at the Ericksen Center . Bottom-Right : The Big Gym located at the lower level of the Ericksen Center . Photos by Jenna Blount
give senior citizens a chance to get out of the house and look forward to getting together with like-minded individuals . They ’ re also a chance to form new friendships through their social component . He often hears members of the clubs telling jokes , giving updates of their kids and families , and simply having fun in an informal and relaxed environment . The clubs are also fairly inexpensive , at an annual cost of $ 20 for each .
The Jog and Walk Club goes on year-round , though it ’ s most popular during the winter . It ’ s held in the Big Gym on the lower level of the Ericksen Center , where adults 18 years of age and over are welcome to walk or jog at their own pace and for however long they ’ d like between the hours of 6 and 9 a . m . on each day during the week .
Upstairs , in the Club Room , the Knitting and Crochet Club is held year-round every Tuesday morning from 9-11:30 a . m . In fact , this is the club ’ s 50th year at the Ericksen Center .
The most popular club , though , is the Bridge Club . Also held in the Club Room year-round on Tuesdays , from 1-4 p . m ., three or four tables of four to six people each create a friendly , fun atmosphere that permeates the room and with a beautiful view through the row of windows looking out to the season ’ s new plants and flowers out front of the Center .
Volunteers also are needed to organize , prepare , and tend to the community garden . Certain designated plots are going to be used specifically for growing food to be donated to the local pantries . For $ 15 , though , a 10-foot
by 10-foot plot can be acquired to tend to as desired , and with tools provided to do so if needed .
Another option is signing up for a basic Fitness Membership at $ 162 annually . This provides access to the fitness center 24 hours a day , including the gyms and weight room , or a pool membership can be bought for the entire season at a cost of $ 80 , unless a one-time admission for $ 5 would be preferable to enjoy Riverview Pool at 101 S . 1st St .
Registration by phone isn ’ t accepted , but it can be completed by stopping in to the Ericksen Center between 8 a . m . and 5 p . m . on any weekday . A mail-in registration form may be requested for those wanting to become members or people can sign up online at www . cityofclintoniowa . us . Regardless of the method by which registration is completed , senior citizen rates are extended to those age 55 and up .
Haines says , in his position , the one thing he doesn ’ t want to do is be complacent . He ’ s looking forward to seeing what other programs he might be able to introduce that could be beneficial to club members of all ages .
“ I want to make every program better ,” he says , “ and utilize every inch of the Ericksen Center .”
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