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Ericksen Center offers fitness opportunities , hobby clubs by jenna blount

Senior citizens make up almost a quarter of Clinton County ’ s population , as reported by the U . S . Census Bureau , and the transition senior citizens make into retirement is oftentimes difficult . Mental health issues can develop , like depression and loneliness while feeling anxiety over a suddenly reduced income that they also must adjust to . Feeling socially isolated is also common , which translates into poorer physical health .

Social clubs , however , improve the mental and physical health of senior citizens in numerous ways . They provide improved cognitive health and brain functioning , the reduced risk of physical health condition , a stronger immune system , and fitness that equates to higher self-esteem as they redefine themselves in a new stage of life .
Over 100 activities , clubs , and programs are offered by Clinton ’ s Parks & Recreation Department , through the Ericksen Community enter at 1401 11th Ave . North . Senior citizens in the community are especially enjoying clubs there .
Photo : Members of the Bridge Club at the Ericksen Center . Photo by Jenna Blount
Program Supervisor Brandon Haines says the clubs


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