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INDUSTRYNEWS cars - including myself - and we have installed electric points at home and work . Since then , several other staff members have expressed an interest to do the same ; knowing that they will be able to ‘ plug in ’ at work is a part of that . Again , in the long run , this will save the company huge amounts of money , but is also part of moving towards a greener future , which is an important aspect for me both personally and professionally .
The Masterframe customers are busier than ever and working harder than ever so we want to support them as much as possible . Most recently , we ’ ve been working on a virtual showroom project which is available freeof-charge to our Master Installer Network customers and three separate websites for a trio of target audiences . Consumers , for example , are always asking new questions about PVCu products ; how long do they last ? Can they be painted ? Will they need to be repaired ? We launched the consumer website to help answer these queries and showcase our products and case studies , but also to aid our trade partners and installers by proxy . The Bygone Network of our approximately 40 Master Installers builds on this by offering homeowners the ‘ perfect fit ’ from a preferred fitter . From the installers point of view the Bygone Network secures them an exclusive postcode area , free from like-for-like competition , selected privileges , the ‘ Rolls Royce ’ of sash windows when it comes to the Symphony range , but also those all-important leads and a reassuring level of support from our side , always there when they need us but also happy to step back and let them continue to work independently . In fact , last year when lockdown was in ‘ full force ’ we took steps to make contact with our customer base and were advised that we were the only supplier that had checked in with them at the point .
We believe that ultimately , once our products are installed , they speak for themselves . Prior to that , by equipping everyone with the best product knowledge , that is factual and honest , we are giving our customers the confidence and the competence they need , which they can pass to the consumer . Given the circumstances this year , I have personally missed the one-to-one interaction that comes with events and expos . The virtual shows have helped solve a shortterm problem but there really is no substitute for standing with a customer and showing them the quality of a window in real life , and letting that passion for the product come across . That ’ s how I really like to do business .
‘ the timeless semblance of timber , but with all the modern performance that will see them last for years ’
I ’ m proud of every product we work on , but there have been some recent projects that have really stood out for me and the team . The decision to use Masterframe sash windows into the Lambton Park development , which was the vision of architect Ben Pentreath - has been a stand-out moment of my career . Lambton Park by Miller Homes is at multi-phase project of more than 100 homes that will nestle into and complement the restoration of Lambton Castle , near Chester-le-Street in County Durham . To get a PVC product into this calibre of project epitomises everything we stand for at Masterframe , which is the timeless semblance of timber , but with all the modern performance that will see them last for years to come . The thought process behind the Lambton Park concept is a completely different way of living and building . Compared to the ‘ make them small / pack them tight ’ method we have come to recognise from ‘ new builds ’, this site uses space and light . The designers have chosen quality above all at every stage , so for Masterframe to be specified for the sash windows is a major compliment and one we take with pride . Likewise , Sarah Beeny , the well-known and renowned property developer contacted us last year to design and supply windows for her own home project , as she wanted the best timber-like PVC product . Sarah truly believes the windows we provided are better than timber . To hear that from a woman who has seen all the best ( and worst ) installations throughout her career , then to go and see them in-situ at her breathtaking home was a highlight of the year for me , and another ‘ pinch me ’ moment .
I am a workaholic , this is something my parents instilled in me and I will instill into my children . I ’ m fantastically lucky to have a very supportive husband , and two wonderful sons , who are my backbone . At Masterframe , my main job is steering the company in the right direction by supporting everyone else to do their very best . I am here to aid their journeys ; I really believe that . I don ’ t like slackers , I want a job done well . I also know how to look at each individual for their own merit and potential , and assist them when required , whether that ’ s the practicality of being at work , mental health , or whatever else they need . With a supportive chairman and fellow Director , a team that I have watched grow and flourish over the years , and with customers that have been with us for 30 years ; it has been an absolute pleasure to come to work every day since day one , and there is plenty more to come from Masterframe .
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