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Mastering the ‘ old ’, excelling in the new

Many will know Masterframe as the sash window specialist of UK fenestration . Sash windows are indeed the linchpin of heritage homes and give each and every property they are installed in a timeless elegance and traditional aesthetic . The key behind Masterframe ’ s selfproclaimed ‘ special enthusiasm and appreciation ’ of the sash window , however , comes not from a love of tradition but instead , a passion for innovation and forward-thinking vision .
» HERE , CAROL SLADE EXCLUSIVELY discusses the day-to-day methods that make Masterframe the choice of world-renowned architects and developers , how the past 12 months has made the team even stronger , and learning from her parents to enjoy every day …
Challenging times bring out the best in people and the worst in people , and I truly believe that the last 12 months have brought out the very best of us all here at Masteframe . Since the very beginning of the brand we strive to look after each other and look out for each other , as we ’ ve found that is the best method of producing a quality product in a decent time frame . Nothing that has happened this year could have changed that or has affected our overall ethos ; in fact , I ’ m proud to say , I think it ’ s made the team even stronger . The people that I work with have ‘ upped their game ’ to a degree I didn ’ t even think would ’ ve been possible this time last year and have embraced everything that has been thrown at them . Above all , we are still committed to the promise that every product that leaves Masterframe would be worthy of going into our own homes before it is installed into that of a customer .
In January 2020 , I was watching the news and I had an inkling that something was on the horizon . In the weeks before the official guidance began to be announced , I had already produced a 55-page document for staff and visitors , which would latterly become our own Covid-check list . From limiting the amount of ‘ outsiders ’ onto the premises , to implementing a one-way system and staggering break times ; making sure everyone had their own cutlery and crockery so they didn ’ t have to share ; this set of rules became the norm at Masterframe even before the ‘ new normal ’ was rolled out en masse . Coincidentally and unrelated , we had already taken the initiative to work towards becoming a paperless company , yet little did we know that a few months later this would also become a vital part of the next year when it came to social distancing and strict , safety measures . And , as the months developed , by changing the ways we received and sent out deliveries , closely monitoring sanitation measures , introducing plastic screens throughout the offices and switching to single occupancy offices , it was a great relief to say that in a team of more than 50 people , we had just one case of Coronavirus and it was
contracted outside of work and the person did not come into contact with anyone else in the team .
Yes , we ’ ve all adapted to different ways of working , but the reason we ’ ve been so open to this at Masterframe is that it is something we ’ re already used to . We ’ re very much a proactive team , and constantly work on new initiatives collectively . Last year , in the midst of the Covid pandemic we had already decided that we wanted to change all the outdated strip lighting to LED bulbs and that ’ s exactly what we did . It was an expensive and an extensive project , but the transformation has been dramatic . From a cost point of view , we stand to make a huge saving as a result of this decision but also in terms of working environment , it is a much more pleasant atmosphere for the team . Sticking with energy efficiency and sustainability , in May 2020 several of the team switched to hybrid
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