CLDA 2024 Spring-FINAL 2 | Page 47

“ The CLDA and Final Mile Forum particularly , has always been a place where I have learned what is happening in our industry . The FMF is a place where I have always been able to network with others and recharge my batteries before returning to my business .” – CONFERENCE PARTICIPANT
• Driver Risk : Uncovering Innovative and Practical Solutions Moderated by Peter Schlactus , Executive Director of the Association for Delivery Drivers , this panel took on the challenge of finding solutions for those impacted by soaring insurance rates . Panelists included Lisa Boerger , President of Logistics Assistance Now , Scott Grandy , President & Co-founder of Clear Connect Solutions ; Flint Holbook , President of TruckSpy and Matt Selby , Partner at Frantz Ward , LLP . Together they offered affordable tips that would help carriers put in safety and risk reduction strategies that wouldn ’ t invite driver misclassification . The session was sponsored by Avant Underwriters .
After a final chance to visit exhibitors , participants gathered for a general session that brought together many of the trends and strategies that illustrated the conference theme : Navigating Disruption . Led by outgoing CLDA president , Jason Burns , the session was a c-suite open-mic that included five industry leaders : Roslyn Ellerbee , Express Errands & Couriers , John Oren , TUYA Technology , Sean Spector , Dropoff , Inc ; Matt Silverberg , and Associated Couriers . This open-mic session allowed attendees to engage with an all-star panel of finalmile leaders who shared their professional journey and insights to succeed in this industry . It was designed to help them walk away with a 360-degree
perspective on the most challenging issues , trends and opportunities facing the final-mile . It was a fitting way to wrap up the conference .
After lunch and vendor prizes , attendees grabbed one more chance to connect and set their sights on next year ’ s conference in San Diego . The 2025 Forum will be held from February 19 to 21 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego , California . Chris Lee , VP of Commercial at YZER is already looking forward to it . Here ’ s how summed his reaction to the 2024 Final Mile Forum : “ This was my first CLDA conference and I ’ m super impressed . I ’ ve got to sit in on a bunch of panels and meet a lot of the vendors and shippers . Everyone ’ s been great and the location is fabulous . I sat in on the diversity and inclusion panel . We work across the country and across the globe and being able to leverage people the way they discussed on the panel was interesting . I liked that they discussed thinking outside the box to maximize efficiency with our people . We hope to see everyone next year in San Diego !” CLDA spring 2024 I customized logistics & delivery Magazine 47