Cider Mag - Dec 2013 | Page 33

I piio. ws r ly ing av- s e onhe usire- e’s he issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 33 Machina Arts’ Titans of Industry Is Coming To Mole Hill Night Club Hosted right in their own venue, Machina Arts and the Mole Hill Night Club will present the first in a series of art and music events called the Titans of Industry on Saturday, December 21, from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Launched by Rebecca Hamilton and Dayna Pugliese, Machina Arts is a female funded art collective created in order to invigorate the alternative Arts scene in Southern New Hampshire and will feature Art, music, dance and costumes. “We were inspired to create a venue for artists in our area to display their work in a non conventional way that is more of an experience than a gallery,” Rebecca Hamilton said in a recent Cider interview. “We don't want to have people just look at art, we want people to feel, hear and participate in the art.” The event will take place at the unique and intimate Mole Hill Night Club and while literally surrounded by machines - artists, performers and musicians will create a surreal experience of industrial art. Visitors to this unique gathering will witness progressive art installations, flow performance, electronic music and dancing, while the Art includes interactive installations, LED hoop dancers, sculptures and live performances. The participating artists include sculptors Danya Pugliese, Carrie Buczynski , Adam Schepker, Daniel Pauloneill , RC Wheeler, sculptor/painter Garett Grassi, installation artist Andrew Hannah, photographer Daniela Maria, video artist Chris Hamilton and light shadow artist Katie Schwerin. DJ’s and musicians include DJ Gowenauf (progressive techno/deep house/tech house), DJ RC Wheeler - Nu house, Brendan Carry Block (techno fiddle/progressive house) and Rebecca Hamilton (house/swing and house/breaks). Performers will include Alexis Golubow, Liv Kaur, Rebecca Hamilton and Sam Guay. “ Machina Arts isn't just gallery to display art - it's an experience,” Danya Pugliese added. “ It's an opportunity for people to da ?????????)???????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)??????t)Q????????????????????Q???????%??????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????M??)????????????(???????)Q???????????????????????d?