Cider Mag - Dec 2013 | Page 32

issue 38 working_Layout 1 12/7/2013 1:50 PM Page 32 “As a result, the studio has put a major focus on the pursuit of great guitar tone. Along with vintage Fender, Vox, Marshall, Supro and Magnatone amps, we’ve been doing extensive R & D with Hass Amplification… reworking and hopefully improving on some of the classic designs… although I’m just the ears and fingers, John Haas is the brains.” Also in the works is the eponymous “Maq Daddy” amp, a three-channel amp based on Andre’s favorite Vox, Marshall and Soldano models and he is also ready to begin promoting J. Buckland Design Guitars. “They are future-retro works of art conceived by artist/designer John Buckland and guitar master luthier Bruce Bennett… a couple prototypes should be arriving any day.”Back to the studio… designed as a relaxing environment for creativity, West Street Digital has always taken great pride in putting forth a personalized atmosphere for each band and artist they work with, a clientele that has steadily grown over nearly two decades. Andre believes that one of the most important and often intangible qualities of any studio is “the vibe,” how you feel when you first enter. Is the studio space warm and inviting? Is it conducive to maximum artistic creativity? From its' inception, West Street Digital has tried to embody these qualities into their studio atmosphere for everyone they work with, which includes a wide range of bands, artists and local businesses and organizations as well. One thing is for sure, things never get boring or “pigeon-holed” at West Street. “I recently worked on a project with Al Conti titled Northern Seas, on which I recorded, played guitar and mixed and mastered…. And it was nominated for a Grammy. Al’s follow up CD titled The Blue Rose, stayed at #1 on the WZMR-radio charts for two months over the summer. Another one, which you can file under ‘a kid in a candy store for me,’ producing and playing on “Lyraka,” (full title is Lyraka – Music From A Mermaid Empire) a heavy metal project featuring one of my favorite vocal heroes in Graham Bonnett (of Rainbow, Alcatrazz, The Michael Schenker Group and Impellitteri fame).” Maquera has also been working with Country music phenom and Vermont-native Keeghan Nolan for the past eight years. “Keeghan recently signed a record deal in Nashville and I have been selected to produce it… I couldn’t be more proud of her.” Andre also recently produced and played guitar on the second release of Alt-Country band Carol Ann Jones & the Superchargers. “The last few years have been a blur and we have been blessed to work with a steady flow of diverse and talented artists,” Andre concluded. "Having spent many years on 'the other side of the glass,' I understand the anxiety and trepidation an artist feels in the studio. Therefore, job one for me is to create a 'comfort zone' that allows the musician to fully realize their potential. People skills are nearly as important as audio engineering chops. "The bottom line for me: having the right tools, in the right place, with someone who knows how to use them and still nurture the artist. I also believe in the concept of quality control… when the client leaves with their finished product, they must be satisfied that they have realized their musical vision and are proud of the result.” To learn more about Andre’s continuing musical vision and the many recording services which West Street Digital as to offer, please visit their Web site at