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last bite singin' the blues Big Dave McLean shares his passion for music with audiences and young artists. You were recently appointed into the Order of Canada. What does it mean to you? It means a lot. Not many musicians have been appointed into the Order of Canada. I am truly honoured. What has kept you firmly planted in Winnipeg all these years? I love Winnipeg - it's a beautiful place to be. I’ve been all over the world, but I love coming home. What do you love about the blues? It is the peoples’ music. It’s honest, and there are many different kinds of styles. The hardships endured by the people in the Deep South formed such a beautiful style of music; it has captivated the whole world. Who inspired you? The biggest influence on me would be John Hammond who got me started in 1969. I saw him and my jaw hit the ground. What does it take to be a blues artist? You have to feel the music. That is the most important thing. What do you love about Winnipeg’s music scene? Winnipeg is the melting pot of everything. It has everything. So many great artists and styles come out of here. What do you like about Winnipeg’s audiences? They can be tough, but when they truly appreciate your music you bet they give it up for you! What are your favourite places to listen to music? Times Changed High and Lonesome Club. I’ve been playing there more than 34 years. I’ve run the jam sessions for years and I enjoy it every Sunday. Big Dave McLean shares his passion for music with audiences and young artists. Photo courtesy of Black Hen Music 44 ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand nineteen You have experience mentoring young musicians. What's your advice for someone wanting to break into the music scene? Make sure it's what you want to do in your heart because it's a tough business. Put everything into it and stand behind what you are doing! What do you like to eat after performing? If I’m being sensible I might have a yogurt and fruit, but other times I’ll have a hamburger.