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bestlist VIETNAMESE Dalat 2‑1170 Taylor Ave, 204-895‑3222. Highlights among almost 200 menu choices are hot and sour soup, ginger- fried beef and shrimp with lemongrass. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Pho Hoang 794 Sargent Ave, 204‑415‑6893; 235 Portage Ave, 204-949-0077. The pho at this local chain ranks among the city’s best. Rich broth gains its deep flavour from a 24-hour simmering process. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Thanh Huong 534 Sargent Ave, 204-774‑8888. French‑accented North Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine in a rich space. The satay beef noodle soup is deeply satisfying. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Viva 505 Sargent Ave, 204-772‑3167. Family- owned and operated West End hot spot. Traditional favourites like deluxe vermicelli and bánh mì are highlights. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V WORLD FOOD Reflecting Winnipeg’s ethnocultural diversity, this category represents our top choices from the many small, primarily family‑run restaurants in town. The decor at most of these is simple and/or the location is out of the way. However, each restaurant represents food from the owner’s culture, with sometimes astonishingly low prices that reflect the simplicity of the service and surroundings, not the quality of food. Asian Hot Pot [Chinese/Asian] 740 Corydon Ave, 204‑615‑8878. Cheery strip mall spot serves do-it- yourself deliciousness in the form of soups that simmer at the table. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Bao House [Asian Fusion] 637 Corydon Ave, 204-504-8383. Poutines, tacos and hot dogs are infused with Asian ingredients like Peking duck, served alongside namesake steamed baos. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Baraka Pita Bakery [Lebanese] 1783 Main St, 204‑334‑2004. Famous for in-house fired pita bread, this North End gem offers falafel pitas, pita pizzas and specialty dips like hummus. WA, IA, M, V BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill [Pakistani] 435 Notre Dame Ave, 204-221-4144. Sizzling plates of grilled meat satisfy at this quirky West End spot. Try the malai tikka, tender pieces of grilled chicken marinated in a spicy cream sauce. WA, IA, M, V Boun’s [Southeast Asian/Laotian] 4‑208 Marion St, 204-231-3005. An extensive stir-fry menu offers the best in Southeast Asian spices and curries. WA, LP, IA, M, V Crème DeL’Essence [Filipino] 1833 Inkster Blvd, 204-694-2225. Decadent brunch items. Chef RJ Urbano blends culinary prowess with Filipino, French and American influences. WA, IA, M, V The Dancing Noodle [Chinese] 1393 Pembina Hwy, 204‑691‑0205. Dough is hand-pulled into fresh noodles at time of order before being served in soup and noodle bowls. WA, IA, M, V Deen’s [Caribbean] 205 Marion St, 204-233‑2208. Short-order Trinidadian dishes such as roti are served in a variety of ways inside this resort-style space. LP, SP, A, IA, M, V Dwarf no Cachette [Japanese] 157 Provencher Blvd, 204‑691‑9950. Quirky café offers Japanese specialties like ramen and okonomiyaki. Gift shop upstairs stocks imported collectibles. WA, LP, SP, IA, M, V Emerald Palace [Chinese] 704 Sargent Ave, 204‑788‑4573. Authentic Cantonese fare is served up in a bustling atmosphere. Try the famous fried butter chicken or shrimp in lobster sauce. WA, A, IA, M, V La Fiesta Cafecito [Salvadoran] Unit M-730 St. Anne’s Rd, 204‑257‑7108. The vacation-inspired decor offers the perfect setting for platters and exotic fruit drinks. WA, LP, SP, IA, M, V Gohe [Ethiopian] 595 Notre Dame Ave, Rich doro wat and vibrant lentil stews are highlights at this popular spot. Combo platters are perfect for sampling with a group. IA, M, V Gojo Restaurant [Ethiopian] 533 Sargent Ave, 204-615-0785. Made fresh every morning, injira is perfect for scooping up vibrant flavours like lamb tibs cooked with spiced butter. Lots of vegetarian options. WA, LP, SP, A, IA, M, V, ATM Grand Donuts Café & Bakery [Vietnamese] 2-271 Grassie Blvd, 204-417-0289. Cute corner café serving Vietnamese favourites like pho and fruit tea alongside donuts and pastries. WA, IA, M, V Harman’s Café [Ethiopian] 570 Sargent Ave, 204‑774‑6997. Enjoy Ethiopian breakfast as well as familiar lunch and dinner entrées. Don’t leave without ordering Ethiopian coffee at meal’s end. WA, LP, IA, M, V JC’s Tacos and More [Mexican] 187 Henderson Hwy, 204‑414‑9187. This bright and cheerful restaurant offers house-made hot sauces and scratch-made dishes like pupusas, tortas and tacos. WA, LP, IA, M, V Khao/Goodwill [Laotian/Asian] 625 Portage Ave, 204-615-6590. Belly- filling Laotian specialties are spiked with uncommon ingredients like black fungus mushroom and pickled bamboo shoots. WA, LP, SP, IA, M, V Kokeb [Ethiopian] 266 Edmonton St, 204‑784‑9267. Expect warm hospitality along with traditional stews of split peas, lentils and cabbage. Be sure to try a cup of vibrant Ethiopian coffee. WA, IA, M, V Kyu Bistro [Japanese] 185 Isabel Ave, 204‑504‑8999. Izakaya- only spot offers small plates of gyoza, agedashi tofu cakes and chicken kara- age. Ramen bowls make satisfying meals. WA, A, IA, M, V Les Saj [Middle Eastern] 1038 St James St, 204-219-8939. First restaurant in Winnipeg to cook using a saj, a dome-shaped hot surface for baking flatbreads covered in za’atar, meat or cheese. WA, IA, M, V Mama’s Noodle House [Chinese/Vietnamese] 141 McPhillips St, 204‑783-4847. This bustling soup house dishes out steaming bowls of soup including a pho special with barbeque pork. WA, LP, IA, M, V Massawa [Ethiopian] 200‑121 Osborne St, 204-284‑3194. Platters of Ethiopian and Eritrean food are worth the often lengthy wait at this established spot. LP, IA, M, V Mercadito Latino [South American] 570 Sargent Ave, 204‑415‑2870. This tiny West End spot houses big flavour, with favourites like tamales, tacos and pupusas. Corner shelves stocked with imported items. WA, IA Pho Kim Tuong [Vietnamese] 856 Ellice Ave, 204‑661‑8888. Surprisingly sleek neighbourhood spot offers an exhaustive menu of Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai specialties. Rich, savoury broth makes soups here divine. WA, IA, M, V Pho No. 1 [Vietnamese] 81 Isabel St, 204-943‑7449. Charming Vietnamese noodle soup house with hundreds of menu options. Try creamy coconut tom yum soup. WA, LP, IA, M, V Pho-Yo [Vietnamese] 513-B St. Mary’s Rd, 204-615-0234; 554 Main St, 204-691-0072. This cozy noodle house serves Vietnamese specialities. Try meaty pho or warm vermicelli bowls. WA, LP, IA, M, V Sugar Blooms Café [Filipino] Unit C-1020 McPhillips St, 204-615-4620. Order-at-the-counter Filipino fare is served in modern surroundings complete with an Instagram-worthy floral wall. IA, M, V Tropikis [Caribbean] 878 Ellice Ave, 204-788‑4733. Well‑appointed, almost elegant setting for island favourites like roti. WA, LP, A, IA, M, V Wakoya [Korean/Japanese] 167 Osborne St, 204-783-7777. A menu offering a blend of Korean and Japanese cuisine in space with minimalist aesthetic. Specialties include spicy bulgogi. WA, LP, IA, M, V ciao! / aug/sep / two thousand nineteen 41