CHRISTIANS CARE. Spring 2016 | Page 30

Branches Against Sky Sujay Natson ’16 Ministry Spotlight: Christian Union Ministry Profile: Christian Union KYLEN SORIANO Christian Union (CU) is a national ministry that focuses on transforming culture by developing the next generation of global leaders. CU believes that culture follows leadership. If the world’s most influential leaders primarily come from top-tier institutions, then it is most important to build foundations at these very places. CU does this by creating opportunities for students to build leadership skills within Christian communities. The hope is for students to leave CU with the tools to pursue their professional and postgraduate careers with a kingdom-mindedness and a desire to shape the cultures that surround them. This takes the form of on-campus, student-run ministries, such as CU@Brown. Our programming consists of weekly Bible courses where students wrestle with Scripture from historical, theological, and critical perspectives. These courses are led by a ministry staff member and are designed to encourage discussions regarding Scripture. We also organize a weekly large group session where we gather as an entire ministry to learn and discuss relevant topics together. CU@Brown operates under a student executive team that coaches other student leaders, who in turn instruct their respective committees. Here, students gain practical leadership skills, while building up their personal relationships with Christ. Since the beginning, we have been focused on reflecting Christ’s glory on campus. In turn, God has been faithfully providing for us as we have grown to nearly 40 members. We pray that no student at Brown goes through their four years without some interaction with the Gospel. We firmly believe that CU provides a platform for students to share our spirit of love and community. We invite you to seek God’s will for Brown’s campus by joining us in our efforts to do so. 28 CORNERSTONE Magazine