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5 Tips for a stress-free airport experience

I am known to be very anxious at airports and after talking to others sharing my flight, I realised I am not alone. Here are my top tips on a stress-free airport experience!

1. Arrive Early: There is nothing worse than being in a rush especially in a stressful environment. I recommend arriving at the airport around 2 ½ hours before take-off if you are checking in luggage

2. Research in Advance: Know your baggage limits and research extensively. I fell victim to this. I thought I was fine lugging a 23kg, 10kg and a 5kg backpack, the 10kg and 5kg as carry-on luggage.

3. Be Organised: Simple things such as knowing what to expect going through security can be a huge help.

4. Keep all travel documents together: I kept all of mine in an A5 pink plastic wallet!

5. Do what is best for you: For some people having loved ones at the airport is too difficult or they simply don’t want anyone with them. For me there was never a choice; I couldn’t face going to the airport alone...

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For inspiration, take a look at the latest Globetrotter's blog from Kimberly Field:


Found throughout Scandinavia, lutefisk is cod fish preserved in lye. But don’t worry; it’s rinsed multiple times before serving. Because of the lye, the fish turns into a sort of jelly. Yes, gelatinous fish. Maybe that doesn't put you off, but the smell might - think of a fish market on a very hot day.


Forget about kebabs at the end of a night out. Currywurst should be your go to snack! It's basically just a sliced sausage with spicy ketchup over the top, but it's absolutely delicious. Originating in Berlin, you can now find it everywhere in Germany.

Casu Marzu, a cheese originating in Sardinia, may not something you'll want to try grated on your spag bol. Starting off as Pecorino cheese, overtime it becomes soft due to thousands of maggots wriggling around inside. Moreover, if the maggots are dead the cheese has gone bad, if the maggots are moving - dig in!

casu marzu

We've put together a list of dishes from around Europe that you may instantly think either "Yum!" or "Eugh!" but unless you try it, you'll never know!

Andouillette, a French delicacy, is a sausage consisting of pigs lower intenstines. You may think: "that's not so bad, sausage casings are intestines anyway!" well, Andouillette retains a certain off-putting aroma. We're told that it tastes amazing, though!


You've probably already had these Dutch caramel biscuit sort of things (that you can't help but have more than one of!). Try finding the freshly made ones, not the store bought kind. Enjoy them with a mug of hot chocolate!


Rabo de toro, literally tail of the bull, can be one of the nicest dishes you can try when you're in Spain. You're probably picturing a long bull's tail, but don't worry, it's not served like that! Instead, it's usually served in a kind of stew and is so tender that it falls off the bone.

rabo de toro

Have you tried any of these dishes? Disagree with our choices?

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