Cardiff Abroad October 2019 | Page 3

While you're away you still have full access to all of the support services available at Cardiff University.

No matter the issue, these services are there

whenever you need them.

Click on each support service to go to their intranet page. If your issue is not covered by the below topics, please contact us at:

[email protected] or [email protected]

Cardiff University Erasmus has a number of social media outlets you can follow to help you keep in touch with the University and your fellow students while away!


You can like our Official Facebook Page, where we post everyday with student tips, travel advice and Erasmus+ News.


Join the Cardiff Outgoing Students 15/16 Facebook Group! It’s a group for all students on placement to connect with each other, share your Erasmus+ experiences and help each other out.


Don’t forget to also check out the Global Opportunities Centre on Facebook and Twitter.

support while you're away


If you require urgent support

out of hours or on the weekend, please contact the Security Control Room

[email protected]

+44 (0)29 2087 4444

If at anytime you feel that your life is in danger or require urgent assistance, please always call the emergency services in the country you are in.

The number throughout the European Union is 112.

Health and


Connecting Cardiff

Helping you to look after yourself while you're abroad


and Money

Emergency financial support when you

need it

Access the same resources abroad as you do at home

Study Skills


Need to make an insurance claim?

Information on what you need to do

If you're concerned about someone,

get in touch

Worried about someone?

If you're experiencing violence or abuse

when abroad


or Abuse