Carbon Action Project Launch Booklet - Page 23

fective way possible. We need to draw on this wisdom. Some have time to devote to researching the best way to act, and in helping others to take action. Each of us has a role to play. As this Project builds, we want to reach out to other communities, to learn from them and to work together with them on climate change ac- tion. We want to build links with other faith communities and secular communities in the Canberra Region – whether they be urban or rural communities. We want to build relationships with communities in the Pacific and Africa in which we can assist those communities financially in addressing the problems of climate change and shifting to renewable energy, but we also create person-to-person relationships that enrich both of us. What are the goals for the Carbon Action Project? We have not yet set formal goals for the Carbon Action Project. But a possible 4 goals for the Project are listed below. We would appreciate any suggestions you might have for amendments to, or additions to these goals. We will take on board any feedback you have on these draft goals, and the Steering Committee will then follow a formal process to finalise the goals for the Project. 1. We would like to see our church site at Hackett carbon neutral within 2 years. 2. We would like to see almost all families having carbon ac- tion plans within 2 years, with the net impact of the carbon action plans for everyone in the community being carbon neutrality. 3. We would like to see carbon action plans which add up to carbon neutrality for our families by 2030, with carbon off- sets being used to go beyond carbon neutrality to carbon negativity. 4. And we would like to have fun on the road to achieving these goals. We want to cast off gloom and despair, and create an oasis of hope, in which we as a community can celebrate that together we are doing at least our fair share with regard to bringing justice to our beautiful creation. And trusting that this embodied message of hope will be consid- ered attractive to others, and that they will take from us what works for them. - John Goss and Barbara Burns Carbon Action Project 20 1 March 2020