Carbon Action Project Launch Booklet | Page 22

Our vision for a carbon neutral future Because the world and Australia have been so slow in acting on climate change we now live in desperate times, where there is a need for bold action, especially by higher income countries, if we are to avert catastro- phe. Is there room for hope? Ross Garnaut in his book ‘Super-power; Australia’s low-carbon oppor- tunity’ says he is often asked this question. ‘People who look on and despair at past and present failures of action ask how I manage to carry on trying to improve the outcomes or at least the chances of a less damaging outcome. I reply that there is still a chance of avoiding disastrous outcomes… there is still a path to a man- ageable outcome. And I see no good purpose in acceding to despair while the path to a manageable outcome remains open to us’ p. 167-8. In the rest of the book Ross Garnaut puts together a path forward for Australia which not only enables us to do our fair share with regard to moving toward a carbon neutral future, but is a path which uses our ex- traordinary renewable energy resources to build a stronger, more sus- tainable economy integrated with a stronger ecology. ‘But move forward we will …. as the saving grace of community concern demonstrates its tenacity and influence in our own and many other political systems.’ p. 57 It is because community concern is crucial to effective action on climate change, that for the Holy Cross/St Margaret’s Carbon Action Project, community is at the centre. The power of diabolical interests will not be thwarted by individuals, but by communities acting together. In the Carbon Action Project, we are working together as two church communities, by pooling our time, resources and knowledge to move to carbon neutrality as soon as we can and in the most effective way possi- ble. Everyone in our two communities has a contribution to make to this work. Some have rich monetary resources, and those with high incomes will be expected to make a disproportionate contribution from their in- come to climate change action. Some have wisdom and knowledge which we would like shared among the community, so that our response can be effective and efficient. Many of the older people in our communi- ty have a lifetime of experience in using limited resources in the most ef- Carbon Action Project 19 1 March 2020