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Product News

Roland SPD-SX Pro Sampling Pad Roland has introduced the SPD-SX Pro sampling pad , the new flagship model in the long-running SPD series . Born of user feedback fueled by extensive road testing of the touring-standard SPD-SX , this instrument features an array of professional enhancements , offering customizable trigger LEDs , increased audio outputs and trigger inputs , enhanced onboard memory , and more .
The SPD-SX Pro boasts nine durable pads with Roland ’ s latest sensing technology , including three shoulder pads with revised sensor structures for increased sensitivity when the instrument is mounted at a shallow angle . In addition , improved crosstalk protection throughout prevents accidental triggering of other pads . Pad-dividing trigger LEDs increase visibility on stage and help players organize kit setups . Custom colours can be assigned to any of the horizontal or vertical LEDs . Going further , colours can be renamed and combined with tags to group kicks , snares , backing tracks , and other sounds for easy identification . The horizontal LEDs can also be set to light in various ways to suit the performance application .
The SPD-SX Pro ’ s interface includes a large 4.3-in . colour LCD and hands-on controls with backlighting for easy operation on stage . The LCD provides access to deep parameters and shows essential info such as A / B layers , WAV sample names , sample playback progress , and more . With 32 GB of internal memory , the SPD-SX PRO holds nearly 44 hours of 48 kHz / 16-bit stereo audio .
For more information , contact Roland Canada : 604-270-6626 , www . roland . com / ca .
ASI Audio DJ Cable In response to requests from DJs using the ASI Audio 3DME Active Ambient IEM system with a DJ mixer , ASI Audio , in collaboration with Sensaphonics , is now offering the ASI Audio DJ Cable .
Both ends of the cable are fitted with high-quality gold-plated 3.5mm TRS plugs . On the mixer end of the cable , the plug has a spring strain relief at the cable entry and is also threaded for an included 1 / 4-in . adapter to accommodate mixers with 1 / 4-in . headphone output jacks .
The cable , tailored specifically for DJ use but also suited for use by musicians feeding their 3DME system from a personal monitor mixer , has a woven outer wrap for durability and to avoid kinks and knots in a gig bag . Its 5.25-ft . cable length is optimal for its target application .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
Orange Amplification Orange Distortion Pedal Orange Amplification has announced the return of three effects pedals , including the Orange Distortion , along with the Orange Phaser and Orange Sustain — with the trio ’ s vintage characvirateristics reworked for the present day . The modern story of these units starts in 2019 , when an Orange message board went
for a photo of the long-discontinued Sustain pedal from the early 1970s , with its outsized form-factor and art nouveau typography . Not long after , the company found the original schematics and the project was started . The Orange Distortion , with vintage appearance up top but all-new circuitry below deck , replaces the original ’ s back-to-back diode design with an amp circuit and tone stack with a user-adjustable treble . But new design isn ’ t meant to create a new sound though — the Orange Distortion retains the bite , growl , warmth , and howl of its 1970s forefather , according to the company .
For more information , contact Launch Music : 833-215-3207 , info @ launchmusic . ca , www . launchmusic . ca .