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Rogers PowerTone Drum Kit Rogers has debuted its new PowerTone drum kits . The introductory release of the PowerTone series of drum kits features a select configuration of 12 x 20-in . bass drum , 7 x 12-in . tom , and a 14 x 14-in . floor tom in gold and silver , two-tone lacquer sparkle finish with fruitwood stain interiors .
With specific shell ratios voiced for quick response to capture nuances of the player ’ s expression , the five-ply shell construction with reinforcement rings and precision cut bearing edges deliver a resonant shell tailored to warmth and power . The Power- Tone drum kits introduce the new Ultra-Matic hex mounting system that features Rogers ’ “ clock face ” design , oval plate , and quick-adjust ball joint arm for fluid angle and height adjustment .
For more information , contact Big Bang Distribution : 818-727-1127 , email @ bigbangdist . com , www . bigbangdist . com .
Charvel Jim Root Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR E / M Charvel has released the Jim Root Signature Pro- Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR E / M , the latest in a long-running line of FMIC ( Fender Musical Instruments Corp .) instruments crafted for the Slipknot guitarist .
A key feature of this guitar is its mahogany body ; the heavy wood provides a rich and warm tone , that paired with the custom EMG Jim Root Daemonum humbucking pickups , makes the Jim Root Signature capable of heavy and melodic sounds . In addition , the Jim Root Signature is outfitted with a bolt-on maple neck that is reinforced with graphite , as well as a 12 ” -16 ” compound radius fingerboard with rolled edges and 22 jumbo frets . The guitar features streamlined controls consisting of a three-way blade pickup switch and a single skirted Strat-style volume knob . The guitar is outfitted with a heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel , Luminlay side dot fret markers and a Floyd Rose 1500 Series double-locking tremolo . Models include a maple fingerboard option in Satin Black and an ebony fingerboard in Satin White . Both colours feature black hardware and come in a Charvel multi-fit hardshell gig bag .
For more information , contact Fender Musical Instruments Corp .: 480-596-9690 , 323-210-1800 , www . fender . com .
Darkglass Electronics Microtubes Infinity Pedal Darkglass Electronics has announced the introduction of Microtubes Infinity , a new pedal that combines all the sounds of the Darkglass Microtubes line into one unit . Microtubes Infinity shares the footprint of the Darkglass programmable line , complete with the three Microtubes distortions : B3K , Vintage , and X . It allows multiband compression on every mode and blending Impulse responses ( IR ) between distortions .
Compression and distortion can be bypassed independently , and each has five selectable modes . The pedal also offers selectable cabinet simulation with five on-board IRs . A six-band graphic EQ is also featured , featuring the same touch-sensitive sliders found on the Darkglass Element pedal . All settings can be saved as presets . The pedal offers the choice of a headphone output , XLR DI output , or stereo line outputs . A MIDI input ( MIDI-over-1 / 8-in .) allows users to externally control parameters . The pedal can also be used as a full audio interface ( over USB-C ), with four channels of audio in and stereo outputs capable of powering studio monitors .
For more information , contact Korg USA : 866-444-9201 , sales @ korgusa . com , www . korgusa . com .