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Gibson Reveals the New Gibson Pickup Shop Honouring its decades of history , Gibson has unveiled the Gibson Pickup Shop , offering a variety of pickup styles in Historic , Original and Modern Collections . The pickups are built at the Gibson Pickup Shop in Nashville , TN , and make use of high-quality materials while employing time-tested methods .
“ Our updated lineup has been categorized into Original , Modern , and Historic collections to be in harmony with our Original , Modern , and Historic guitar collections ,” says Jason Davidson , Director , Product Development and Gibson Archives Curator at Gibson Brands . “ The Original collection includes pickups based on our original designs from the classic P-90 Dogear single coil to the Dirty Fingers humbucker . The Modern Collection includes pickups built for more modern tones and includes 4-conductor wiring to allow a variety of switching options , and our Historic Collection launches with the aftermarket debut of the Custombucker , previously available exclusively on Gibson Custom Shop guitars .”
For more information , go to www . gibson . com / en-US / page / pickupshop .
Yamaha Announces Changes to its Wind Instrument Ateliers ’ Staff With the announcement of a new Senior Manager for Ateliers , the hiring of a new Senior Technical Specialist , and the transition of Bob Malone to a new role , the staff at Yamaha Ateliers is growing to strengthen technical expertise in brass instruments ,
After decades of leadership as Yamaha Corporation of America ’ s Director of Ateliers , Bob Malone has transitioned to a new role as a consultant . As of July 2022 , Malone ’ s focus has been on brass instrument research and development , artist relations , marketing , and sales support .
Jeff Peterson has been promoted to Senior Manager of Ateliers . He will oversee the operations of both Yamaha ’ s Ateliers : Atelier-Los Angeles , located on the corporate headquarters campus of Yamaha Corporation of America , Inc . in Buena Park , CA and Atelier-New York , based at Yamaha Artist Services in the heart of Manhattan on 5th Ave .
Jim Becker has been named as Yamaha ’ s new Senior Technical Specialist . He will be based out of Atelier-New York , working alongside Yamaha ’ s Senior Technical Manager , Wayne Tanabe . From October 1989-present , Becker has served as a brass instrument repair specialist for Osmun Music , performing wide-ranging repair and restoration services for brass players throughout the U . S .
For more information , go to usa . yamaha . com .