Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 33

Donner DMK-25 Pro Portable MIDI Keyboard Donner has launched the DMK-25 PRO , a portable MIDI keyboard designed for music creators of all genres . Supporting a variety of popular DAWs in the market , the DMK-25 Pro provides users with a rounded music production experience , while also streamlining their workflow .
Features such as Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode and Real-Time Multi-Mode Control make it easier for users to arrange their music , and the included 16 modal scales let players transition between different musical genres , increasing creative possibilities . Other functions , such as arpeggio , note-repeat and chord functions , are easily manageable for even a novice creator . The DMK-25 Pro MIDI keyboard features four wheels , six transport controllers , two touch strips with light scale for pitch bend and modulation , as well as a high-definition OLED screen display .
For more information , contact Donner : 571-370-5977 , service @ donnerdeal . com , www . donnerdeal . com .
MESA / Boogie Badlander 25 Head and 1x12 Combo Amplifiers MESA / Boogie has announced that its new Badlander 25 Head and 1x12 Combo amplifiers are now available . A tonal updating is achieved with these new amps by mating Badlander preamp circuits to a switchable 25-to-10W EL84 loaded power section based on MESA ’ s Dyna-Watt power . This dynamo delivers its own blend of Badlander tone with aggressive attack and percussive midrange while tucking up the low end , according to the company . The Badlander is also lightweight , compact , and more clip-able than its higher power siblings . While cut from much the same cloth as its forbearer , the original Dual Rectifier Solo Head from the early ‘ 90s , this model pays homage to rock and heavy sounds in a more modern , percussive way .
Badlander 25s employ a pair of EL84 power tubes operating in MESA ’ s proprietary Dyna-Watt Class A / B Pentode for added power , punch , and clarity , producing 25W or switched to its 10W Class A / B Triode setting for lush harmonics and a more liquid feel at lower volumes . A tube-driven , series effects loop acts as a circuit bridge , allowing players to patch their chosen outboard effects between the preamp ’ s end to just before the driver tube feeding the power section .
For more information , contact MESA / Boogie : 707-778-6565 , www . mesaboogie . com .
JodyJazz Hand-Hammered HH Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece JodyJazz has introduced the first hand-hammered saxophone mouthpiece , the new JodyJazz HH Tenor model . The new hand-hammered HH Tenor mouthpieces will be initially available in a limited edition run of 300 in a special rose gold finish .
Hand-hammering is the ancient art of working brass and bronze alloys to manipulate their sonic characteristics , which cymbal makers have been using for centuries . To see iif this could translate to mouthpieces , JodyJazz enlisted Paul Francis , who has designed some of the most popular and highly coveted cymbals . Hammering the bell brass blanks resulted in mouthpieces with uniquely warm and complex tonal characteristics . In order to enhance the unique tonal characteristic and response of the hammered brass , an all-new internal design and facing curve was developed . Together with its combination of a round chamber and straight side walls , the HH Tenor delivers a unique combination of warm beautiful sound with power and fullness , according to the company .
For more information , contact JodyJazz : 912-964-4705 , info @ jodyjazz . com , www . jodyjazz . com .