Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 32

Product News

VocoPro 100-Watt Streamer Live-Pro Karaoke Package VocoPro has announced its new 100W Streamer Live-Pro package for singers and consumers wanting to stream , record and perform karaoke songs . The heart of the new system is VocoPro ’ s Streamer USB interface / mixer with vocal effects . The package also includes a VocoPro PV-WEDGE-II , which is a 100W 2.1 stereo-powered vocal speaker . The package also includes a condenser vocal microphone , a ring light and a professional boom stand .
The karaoke effect mixer / USB interface includes reverb , pitch correction and vocal eliminator effects , while the light ring is dimmable with selectable color temperature to compensate for lighting and reduce video noise . The package can be operated with a smart device or PC .
For more information , go to www . vocopro . com .
ddrum Upgraded Dominion Birch Series Kits ddrum has unveiled the upgraded Dominion Birch Series , with reimagined shell-pack configurations , new hardware , and upgraded finishes . The Dominion Birch Series unites the tonal dynamics of older birch shells with new design to bring this drum series to a new level of performance and appearance . Featuring four-piece , five-piece , and six-piece sets , the Dominion Birch Series offers players of any genre a strong foundation for sound quality and the utmost style to let their drumming personality shine .
The newly added 420 offers an 8x12-in . rack tom , 14x14-in . floor tom , 16x20-in . bass drum , and 5x14-in . snare drum . The reimagined 522 packages up 8x10-in . and 9x12-in . rack toms , 16x16-in . floor tom , 18x22-in . bass drum , and 6.5x14-in . snare drum . The 622 offers a nearly identical configuration as the five-piece , with the addition of a 14x14-in . floor tom .
For more information , contact Armadillo Enterprises : 813-600-3920 , sales @ armadilloent . com , www . armadilloent . com .
Maestro Pedal Agena Envelope Filter Maestro has expanded its Maestro Original Collection line of pedals with the introduction of the Agena Envelope Filter , along with four other pedals : the Arcas Compressor Sustainer , the Mariner Tremolo , the Orbit Phaser , and the Titan Boost . The Maestro Original Collection pays tribute to the brand ’ s original models , while adding modern features , expanded versatility , and more advanced tone-tweaking capabilities .
The Maestro Agena Envelope Filter pedal is designed for ease of use and is tailored for optimized dynamic control . The Agena offers two filter frequency options for a range of tonal possibilities . This all-analog pedal features a two-position Mode toggle switch for increased sonic versatility , while the LO mode setting focuses the filter in a lower frequency range , while the HI mode emphasizes a higher range of frequencies . The threeknob control layout lets users quickly set the desired Sense ( the envelope ’ s sensitivity and response to picking attack ), control the Attack ( how fast the filter increases or opens ), and adjust the Decay and how long the filter stays in the open position . The true bypass footswitch triggers the LED lights in the bugles in the Maestro logo when it ’ s on .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , FAX 905-839-5776 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .