Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 38

Product News

Sennheiser EW-DX Digital Wireless Microphone System Sennheiser has announced that the first EW-DX wireless digital devices . Available products include the EW-DX EM 2 two-channel receiver , the handheld transmitter – with or without programmable mute switch – and the bodypack transmitter . Like its EW-D sister models , EW-DX offers ultra low latency ( 1.9 milliseconds ), eliminates the need for frequency calculation , and offers an ultra-wide input dynamic range of 134 dB , enabling the transmitters to handle any signal that is thrown at them .
The devices operating time is 12 hours with the BA 70 rechargeable battery , which will usually take users through rehearsals and the show or event itself . Operating time with standard AA batteries amounts to eight hours . Depending on the RF environment , the transmitters have a range of up to around 100 m , so enough for very generous stage layouts .
EW-DX systems additionally benefit from an automatic multi-channel RF set-up , scalable remote control and monitoring , as well as AES- 256 encryption for secure transmission of contents . The bandwidth is higher than with EW-D , up to 88 MHz , enabling more channels to be accommodated .
For more information , contact Sennheiser Canada : 514-426-3013 , info @ sennheiser . ca , www . sennheiser . ca .
DW 50 th Anniversary Limited Edition Drum Set Drum Workshop , Inc . ( DW ) has announced the launch of its Limited Edition Collector ’ s Series 50 th Anniversary drum set . Inspired by John Good ’ s memories of growing up in Northern Italy , the DW Collector ’ s Series 50 th Anniversary Limited Edition Six-Piece Drum Set features a core of persimmon , a hard tone wood similar to purpleheart , combined with spruce that boosts warmth and tonality . These 10 PLY HVLT shells , handcrafted in DW ’ s California custom shop , feature an outer veneer of rare , quilted maple , inlaid with a rosewood and maple 50th Anniversary badge and band . The drums are finished in a burnt toast burst lacquer and fitted with antique gold hardware , True-Hoops , True-Pitch 50 Tuning , S . T . M ( Suspension Tom Mounts ) and DW drumheads by Remo USA .
This pre-configured shell pack includes 8 x 10-in . and 9 x 12-in . mounted toms , 12 x 14-in . and 14 x 16-in . floor toms , an 18 x 22-in . kick drum , complemented with a 6.5 x 14-in . matching 10-ply hybrid persimmon-spruce HVLT shell snare , fitted with DW Mag Throw-off . Only 100 of these kits will ever be produced and each includes a certificate of authenticity signed by DW founders Don Lombardi and John Good . In addition , a further 200 à la carte 6.5 x 14 " anniversary snare drums will be made for those adding to their snare collections .
For more information , contact Drum Workshop : 805-485-6999 , info @ dwdrums . com , www . dwdrums . com .
KRK KNS 6402 & 8402 Studio Headphones KRK has released the KNS 6402 and KNS 8402 studio headphones . Building on its KNS 6400 and 8400 headphone models , KRK says it ’ s improved the durability and comfort of its headphone offerings with these updated models .
Designed to deliver an accurate listening experience in a high-performance package , the KNS 8402 is ideal for professional studio applications , while the KNS 6402 best fits the traditional at-home producer ’ s style . With a closed-back circumaural design , both headphones offer a comfortable listening experience to support music producers through long studio sessions . Also , the headband features a self-aligning yoke system to ensure the best fit . Constructed with impact-resistant plastic material , KNS headphones are lightweight and durable , and with field-replaceable parts , including the pads and cable , they are designed to last .
The KNS 6402 model features acoustic cellular foam pads and provides up to 26 dBA of isolation with a 122dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 10 Hz-22 kHz . The KNS 8402 headphones feature memory foam pads with premium leatherette covers , offering comfort for many hours . The KNS 8402 headphones provide up to 30dBA of isolation to block out more external noise and feature a slightly higher SPL with a 124dB maximum SPL rating and a frequency response of 5 Hz-23 kHz . They also feature a cable with in-line volume control .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .
KRK KNS 8402