Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 37

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 Pioneer DJ , an AlphaTheta brand , has introduced the DDJ-FLX4 DJ , a two-channel DJ controller that combines foundational elements from the company s range of professional equipment with an intuitive and educational user interface to help aspiring artists embark on their mixing journey .
The DDJ-FLX4 integrates two new features to help beginner DJs start mixing — Smart Fader and Smart CFX . Smart Fader allows artists to effortlessly transition between tracks with a simple glide of the crossfader or channel faders . After sliding the fader , the DDJ-FLX4 automatically adjusts the track ’ s BPM , volume , bass volume and other aspects of the music to create a seamless transition into the next song . Artists can also spice up their favorite tracks with the help of Smart CFX — an effect that applies complicated combinations of effects to the music with the turn of a knob .
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Cort Elrick NJS Bass Guitar Cort is celebrating the 30 th anniversary of collaborator Elrick Bass Guitars with the introduction of the Cort Elrick NJS models . Short for “ New Jazz Standard ,” the NJS basses are modern J-bass styles available in four- and five-string models . Features include 24 frets with zero fret ; a “ heel-less ” body design with extended treble access ; an angled headstock ; and Voice Tone VTB-ST pickups with Bartolini preamp .
The Cort Elrick NJS design starts with a solid alder body that provides a balanced tone with a slight boost in the high mid-range . A unique feature is the neck joint , which has a heel-less body design to facilitate easy access to the upper register of the fingerboard . To optimize stability and playability , the neck attaches via six bolts in an asymmetrical pattern .
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