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Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR) membership includes electronic security industry companies, police BEHIND THE BADGE departments, sheriff organizations and the insurance industry. The goal of PPVAR is to increase criminal apprehensions while reducing needless dispatches. We do so as an organization by promoting the priority response to video alarms that are verified by a certified central station. 12 5 Steckler’s reign Fremont’s police chief takes the helm of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. In Placer County, three of four police chiefs are under 46. » Verified human activity on site 12 Fullerton PD’s Painful Lesson » Priority response warranted » Increased apprehensions & deterrence PARTNERING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT | ALARM COMPANIES | INSURANCE INDUSTRY Acting Chief Dan Hughes deals with the biggest crisis in the city’s history. 16 Anaheim’s summer of unrest The PD’s proactive approach has quelled protests; healing is under way. 20 The great communicator A shooting early in his career shaped Fresno’s Jerry Dyer’s approach to media relations and leadership. 24  | Behind The Badge BTB-Magazine-Fall2012.indd 2-3 25 Virtual chat Cal Chief’s president offers his take on controversial bill. 9 Youth Movement POTENTIAL CRIME IN PROGRESS! 26 Redwood City is the first police agency in the nation to embrace the new technology. 6 Pension reform goes too far 27 Catch Me if you Can = 18 Apps to Oranges Santa Cruz earns accolades for innovative tools that provide more access to information. Chowchilla’s chief arrests a suspected plane thief. 28 Training ground Long Beach and San Jose produce an inordinate number of police chiefs. 30 San Mateo’s Standout Susan Manheimer’s message to women: “They have to be great if they want to succeed.” 32 Chief nabs thief Redondo Beach’s top cop jumps on a suspect’s bike, and the pursuit is on. About Behind the Badge Editor/Publisher Bill Rams Cornerstone Communications 949-200-6107 brams@cornerstonecommunications Editor Kathleen Freed Cornerstone Communications 949-200-6108 Association lmcgill@ Editor/Advertising Manager Leslie McGill Executive Director California Police Chiefs Photographers Miguel Vasconcellos and Mike Kitada Fall 2012 |  11/8/12 11:29:40 PM