California Police Chief- Fall 2013 | Page 3

Dear Reader, Although these are uncertain and challenging times in law enforcement, California’s police chiefs are demonstrating the leadership necessary to ensure our communities remain the safest places possible to live, work and play. Our cover story focuses on one such visionary leader, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. Known for his cool under fire, Dyer has earned a reputation for tackling tough issues head on. Dyer isn’t alone in his proactive approach to dealing with crises. Anaheim’s chief, John Welter, is among the most battle tested in the state. He’s proving once again why he is so highly regarded, working tirelessly to repair community relationships after a difficult summer of civil unrest, sparked by officer-involved shootings in gang-infested neighborhoods. In nearby Fullerton, acting Police Chief Dan Hughes is also working to rebuild relationships after three officers were charged in the beating death of homeless man Kelly Thomas. Although their issues and approaches vary, Dyer, Welter and Hughes focus on community relationships, positive attitudes and transparency in overcoming challenges. Hail to the Chief Steckler takes helm of international association By Leslie McGill Fremont Police Chief and former California Police Chiefs Association President Craig Steckler can add another title to his resume: President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the world’s largest group of police leaders. members of Steckler’s family attended his installation as the 120th President of the association. “We are now policing in the 21st Century and this is the ‘new normal’” was the theme of his kickoff remarks in October at the association’s annual conference in San Diego. He wants to encourage IACP to develop more public/private partnerships with corporate foundations and search out funding for specific research issues because of the declining availability of public grants. More than 150 members of the California Police Chiefs Association, as well as members of the Fremont Police Department, the city of Fremont and Of course, the crises in law enforcement extend beyond one or two or even three specific incidents. Pension reform and realignment threatens the future of our profession. Cal Chiefs has taken a leadership role in tackling both issues. Inside is a Q&A that attempts to address some key concerns and initiatives. We continue to innovate and make our communities safer. Redwood City is taking its service offerings on-line, launching the first law enforcement live video chat. San Jose and Long Beach PDs have become virtual police chief training grounds, producing dozens of leaders across the s ???()M?????????????????????????% @????????)??????????????????????()!??????% @?????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????!???????????????????)??????% @? ??????????????I?????????????)??????????????????????????e???????????????)??????????Q???% @?????????????????)????????? ????e???????????????????)5?????? ??????????!????????????????% @)????????????????????????????????????)M =@?)=???????????????????????????????????????)% @????????????????% @?????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????)??????????!???????????????????????% @????)????????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????()???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????)??? ?????????e????????????????????????????????????? ????M?????????=???????????)?????????????%?????????????????????? ????????A???????L???????? ???????????????????)????????????????????????????????????()?????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????()$????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????() ??????????????????????????????????? ????)M??????e??????????????% @????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????()M????M?????)A??????) ?????????A?????? ?????????????) ????M?????????????% @????((`()?() ??????Q??? ????() Q?5????????????????????()????????()?((`((??????????????A4((